Honda car’s will warn you if your driving behavior is likely to cause a traffic jam

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Self-driving cars and self-parking cars are in the works in R&D labortries of various auto makers, until than, Honda is working on a unique technology which identifies patterns of a driver’s behavior that is likely to cause a traffic jam.

In conjunction with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, Honda conducted experimental testing of a system utilizing the technology to detect the potential for traffic congestion. The test results demonstrated that the system helped increase the average speed by approximately 23% and improved fuel efficiency by approximately 8% of trailing vehicles.

To identify whether or not the driver’s driving style/behavior is to cause traffic jam or congestion, Honda developed this technology while recognizing that the acceleration and deceleration behavior of one vehicle influences the traffic pattern of trailing vehicles and can trigger the traffic congestion. Based on this, a color-coded on-board computer encourages the driver to correct their behaviors for smoother driving with the goal of alleviating congestion behind them.

This system will help in reducing traffic congestion and improving the fuel economy by advising the driver on maintaining speeds and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) taking over to maintain the correct distance.

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