Honda, Total, and IDEMITSU Launch Pakistan’s First Synthetic Engine Oil  

Synthetic Oil

The joint venture of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, Total, and IDEMITSU has introduced Pakistan’s first fully synthetic API SNOW20 engine oil at a ceremony held in Lahore today. API SNOW20 engine oil is known for being fully synthetic, fuel efficient, eco-friendly, and engine protective. Moreover, this engine oil is also given highest rank by API (American Petroleum Institute) and ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee).

IDEMITSU, originally based in Japan, has collaborated with Total Parco Pakistan to create a fully synthetic oil. Total Parco Pakistan uses IDEMITSU’s formula in manufacturing API SNOW20 engine oil. Available only at Honda’s authorized dealers, SNOW20 engine oil is specifically designed for Honda cars.

API SNOW20 engine oil is engineered to give best results in severe weather of Pakistan. Conventional viscosity index for engine oils is around 135, but SNOW20 has the viscosity index of 169. Moreover, it has very low viscosity, which will improve the engine responsiveness and decrease the CO2 emissions. In other words, SNOW20 is eco-friendly, and it will prolong the engine’s life. It is also Honda approved which means it is specially formulated, tried, tested and guaranteed to work for Honda engines.

Engine Oil

  • the real struggle for them will be to convince (sensible) car owners of pakistan to trust an oil made in pakistan 🙂

    I want to clear here I am not against ‘made in pakistan’ . Infact I want and encourage, but only when the quality is not compromised.

    after watching that program of iqrar ul hassan where he showed shop where literally they were making shit oil and filing bottles of “every” brand shell,caltex,total,zic, etc and sealing and selling them. and literally you cannot guess the difference in it from genuine one.

    so yeah, good luck convincing me. I am not going to risk putting counterfeit oil in the most important part of my hard-earned car. no thank you. i will spend the few extra thousands. to save 10s of thousands

  • Roony

    The current oil sold by Honda, which is packed by total, where is that oil made? The 5w30 fully synthetic one.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Honda dealerships must be providing original oil or they scam us too?

  • Guest

    Stealerships are also involved in lots of stealing, topics on PW forums aplenty.

    Pakistanis don’t know how to do business, that’s all.

    Example in case: In view of cheating and fake products, Xiaomi adopted a model in which you cannot buy a Xiaomi phone from anywhere other than the manufacturer’s website. Sure you can go to a display center to try it out, but if you want to buy it, you have to order it on the website and it will arrive in your mail.

    With the amount of counterfeit spares available in the market, none of the spare parts/fluids companies have come up with an idea where you can buy oil from their factory outlet, order through their website or through the phone.

    Recently Caltex have opened shops from where you can buy their oils, because their petrol pump business wrapped up.

    End of the story: Pakistanis don’t know how to do business – they cannot imagine growing to global business or big business levels. They get their 50-60 million rupee profit and that’s all for them. That’s the limit of their imagination where they achieve contentment yet they keep crying at the loss-in-profit.

  • Spot on. People here just don’t have the drive for innovation and growth.

  • Bil

    At first i thought it will be 5W – 50 . .

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    lmfao, honda with force induction(turbo) engine is opting for 0w20(recommended for toyota corolla’s engines elsewhere) oil where toyota introduced 5w50(better for spirited driving in forced induction cars)

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    zic provides door to door delivery

  • Guest again

    And how many people actually know about this service?
    If ZIC were interested in actually increasing their exposure, why not make the customers aware of it?

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    But people do change oil don’t they? a lil bit of research to save precious metal won’t hurt. those who are alert of fake oil would do research and know it. Majority of the people either buy cheap 20w50 and change it within 3k interval where unless cars are driven very harshly they won’t be able to discern if 1 out of 10 oil changes was with fake oil, another kind buys whichever oil is said to be good / mehnga wala by the seller without checking whether it is suitable / made for their ride or not e.g. cultus requires oil of old specifications and newer oil increase wear and tear on its valve drive but i’ve seen people pouring liquimoly, a waste of money indeed, the third and most rare kind does research and deserves to receive original oil at their door and when one does proper research he would surely come to know of this service.

  • Khurram Aslam Chaudhry

    I put it today in my oriel x at my first oil change at 5k kms than I test driven the car for 20kms and very much appreciate it. It increased the performance and economy. Let’s see it for another 4950k to give the final verdict

  • Usama

    Is 0w20 is reqmended oil for Honda City 2018 model at company end?