How Yamaha Motor Pakistan is changing the landscape of Pakistani motorcycle industry


Having been an established name in the international automobile market for decades, Yamaha is now revamping the landscape of the local motorbike industry. What’s more, YMPK recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in Pakistan as well. As Yamaha has been a leading competitor in the industry for more than two years now, we thought it was the right time to have an overview of YMPK’s milestones in the local market.

How YMPK Came Into Being

Yamaha finally stepped foot officially in Pakistan in 2015. Ever since, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has gone at great lengths to shake things up, and so far it has influenced the landscape in an amazing manner. The brand was only launched with a team of 200 members, but now it has grown significantly.

The Launch of YBR

Yamaha Motor Pakistan launched their first bike, the Yamaha YBR on April 27th 2015 in grand fashion with a complete ceremony. The YBR was accompanied with two models, which were YBR125 and YBR125G which had exceptional specs such as self-start, halogen headlight, exquisite exterior, and much more that were seen for the first time in the Pakistani industry.

The Launch of YBZ

The two bikes that YMPK launched previously have influenced the market greatly. In fact, nowadays they can be seen on the roads frequently. However, YMPK is now at it again with their latest bike, which is the YB125Z! Just like its previous models, the new bike is also breaking barriers throughout Pakistan as it has been introduced with new and improved features that no other motorbike company has yet come out with. Coupled with fantastic specs and advanced features that boast functionality as well as comfort, the bike is something that every motorcyclist and family man in Pakistan should look forward to!

What Can We Expect In The Future?

This is just the beginning for Yamaha. They vow to continue their work in Pakistan and keep launching new bikes with bigger and better features to ensure their company stays in business.


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