Hyundai Car Prices Increased

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Following the foot steps of Honda Atlas, Toyota Indus, and Pak Suzuki, Hyundai Nishat has increased the prices of its cars. Like other companies, Hyundai has cited the devaluation of Pakistani rupee against the US dollar as the reason behind this price hike.

New Price of Hyundai Elantra GLS

Hyundai has kept the price of recently launched 1.6L Elantra GL untouched, and increased the price of old 2.0L Elantra GLS variant. After a jump of Rs. 150,000, the 2.0L Hyundai Elantra GLS will now cost Rs. 4,949,000. The variant’s old rate was Rs. 4,799,000.

New Prices of Hyundai Sonata

  • After an increase of Rs. 140,000, the 2.0L Hyundai Sonata will now cost Rs. 6,999,000. against its old rate of 6,859,000.
  • After an increase of Rs. 100,000, the 2.5L Hyundai Sonata will now cost Rs. 7,849,000. against its old rate of 7,749,000.

New Prices of Hyundai Porter

After a flat jump of Rs. 150,000 across the lineup, the base Hyundai Porter Deckless will now cost Rs. 2,909,000, Hyundai Porter Flat Deck will cost Rs. 2,929,000, and Hyundai Porter High Deck will now cost Rs. 2,949,000.

Not-So-New Prices of Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai SUV is not a part of this price hike as the company has increased its price two weeks ago.


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