Toyota to replace GLi with Vios in Pakistan!

In an interesting turn of events, it is revealed to by a credible source that Toyota IMC is launching subcompact car Vios in Pakistan in 2019.

For the past many years now, it has been anticipated and reported that Toyota IMC will discontinue its Corolla XLi and GLi in the country, but each time, the rumors about their discontinuation were scrapped for one reason or another. Moreover, after the launch of the Toyota XLi automatic, it was believed that IMC is in no mood of scrapping its sedan vehicles, which are topping the sales charts in sedan segment in almost every fiscal year.

However, it seems that the company has finally decided to discontinue its Corolla GLi in favor of Vios.  It is expected that, in Pakistan, Toyota Vios will be launched with 1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve with Dual VVT-i engine mated to either a manual or auto transmission that produces around 100 hp and 123 Nm of torque.

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The car is already available in different countries such as China, India, and Thailand.  It is important to note here that while talking to a Toyota vendor revealed that the company has given them target to make Vios parts by November 2018.

He also said that consumers can expect Vios to hit the local market in December 2018 or early 2019.

Toyota IMC has also imported Daihatsu Perodua Bezza to Karachi, Pakistan. And As per our sources, it is a test-drive model, which the company might have imported for research purposes and to test its performance on the roads of Pakistan. In simple terms, it means that Toyota IMC might launch the car in the country very soon.


Daihatsu Bezza


Keeping in view these recent developments, it might not be wrong to say that Toyota IMC launch these two vehicles in Pakistan for its consumers.

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  1. dakoon says:

    1000 cc car kae lia gli ko kyon retire karae gae ? Pakwheels waloe ke hath automobile industry charh jae to uski ina lillah ho jae

  2. Vios is 1.3L, or 1300cc whereas the bezza perodua is 1.0 or 1000cc both are different vehicles.

  3. bhai pakwheels ko kuch na kehna, ulta block krr dete hain :grin: :joy:
    mene bhi ki thi thori si, pichla account blocked h :sweat_smile: :sob:

  4. dakoon says:

    Karnae do yaar .new account bana lain gae .where there is a will there is a way

  5. i believe 660CC is JDM exclusive, so not possible. it will be 1000cc. Also news is something cooking related to wagonR in Nov/Dec

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