IMC Highlights Plans to Invest Rs4bln Investment in Pakistan

Indus Motors Company, Pakistan’ leading automaker, on Saturday revealed its plan to invest four billion rupees worth of investment plan to extend its production capacity from 54,800 to 60,000 units in a working year. Sources report that at present the company is rolling out 65,000 units a year by working on holidays. However, once this capacity increases by 2018, IMC will be in a position to manufacturer 75,000 units in a year by working on holidays.

Despite being one of the most densely-populated areas of the world, Pakistan has not seen a rapid motorization. Sources report that Pakistan has only 16 cars per 1,000 people and by 2020 this number could go up to 20 cars per 1,000 individuals. Keeping the past couple of years in sight, the local automobile industry is rapidly growing with expectations rising from the existing 225,000 units to half a million by 2025. To keep up with the rapid growth IMC is planning to eventually take its plant capacity to 80,000 units and produce 100,000 units with overtime. Right now, the company’ boasts a 28pc share in the local automobile market and with this move, IMC will catapult itself to claim a bigger chunk in the local auto market. In addition to elevating company’ production capacity, this new investment will also create up to 400 direct and 4,000 indirect jobs.


Notable Replies

  1. I hope by doing this, the delivery times also get reduced..

  2. Not a chance .the own money makes it way from bottom to right at the top management people

  3. i dont think by doing this the delivery time would effect bcoz demand will also increase.. in my opinion there should be some kind of barrier for investers then there is a chance of reduction in delivery time.i think gov. is working on this issue.

  4. While slightly true, the increased capacity will decrease lead times (if demand doesn't grow as fast as expansion). You can get a Grande pretty quickly now.

  5. IMC did not clarify its investment is meant for big 'luxury' vehicles only. Pakistan definitely needs some manufacturer to build smaller vehicles like Daihatsu, Toyota's small segment brand, could offer.

    Once IMC discontinued Cuore, it did not make any effort to introduce another Daihatsu.

    Not everyone can buy a Corolla or Fortuner. If IMC and local automobile assemblers want a bigger share of market, small car segment cant be neglected. Corolla and Fortuner will give a bigger profit per unit sold but in order to increase unit sale volume, small car segment is a must.

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