IMC increases the prices of its cars by up to PKR 830,000

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In a recent move, Toyota IMC has increased the rates of its cars by up to PKR 830,000.

See the complete prices below:

The common excuse given by the local carmakers after every price hike is that the rupee is getting devalued against the US Dollar, however, the question is whether the price hike is proportional to Dollar appreciation in the local market. It is worth reminding our readers that the car price increase in Pakistan is not proportional to the US Dollar appreciation.

A case in point is the recent price hike of Toyota Fortuner, which now costs more than 8 million. When this vehicle was initially launched in Pakistan its price was 6 million. The question we need to ask ourselves is whether the Pak rupee has depreciated to the extent that the car price went up by PKR 2 million.

Aside from Toyota, Honda, Al-Haj FAW, Isuzu and Pak Suzuki have also increased the rates of their vehicles.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below.

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  1. Muhammad Shahmir Safdar says

    Is this price increase includes 5% FED ?

  2. Muhammad Talha says

    If price increase is due to rupee depreciation then why is the price of Xli to Altis 1.6 been increased by pkr 400,000 but the increase in altis 1.8 variants is a maximum of 300,000?

  3. Muhammad Umar Shareef says

    FED was 10% on 1.8. Now it will be 5% and FED on XLI was 0 now it will be 5%.

  4. Muhammad Umar Shareef says


  5. TiredOfThisShit says

    Let’s not forget localization claims. The percentage of car localized should not be incremented. e.g. if 80% of car is localized, inflation/devaluation impact should not impact more than 20% of current value.

  6. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    Dekhty hain hain kitny log cars lety hain and kitny log cheekh maarty hain

  7. Salman Ahmed says

    Localized bhi muft main to nahi parti . Gas ,electricity , diesel sab ki qeemat oopar gai ha

  8. Kashif ahmed says

    My question to all these looters here is would the prices go down if the dollar goes back to for example 130 140 in future?

  9. FatherMan says

    Who gives a flying F, we as Pakistanis have enough of these useless figures thrown around to loot us. Point is, this is robbery under the sun and all of us are not naive enough to miss it.

  10. FatherMan says

    XLI, a semi-khota car where u open windows by hand has increased by 390,000 ?!

    Bravo IMC … Bravo !

  11. FatherMan says

    For previous so called legit price of XLI which was 2.15m when we apply a 5% FED on it that amounts to around 1lakh, shouldnt the new price be increased by only that amount or am I doing something wrong ?

  12. FatherMan says

    The simple answer is … No !
    Is mulk mai chez ki qeemat ya ther jati hai ya mehngi hoti hai, sasta kuch nae hota siwaye petrol k wo bhi agr koi biraadar mulk apki madad keray tou

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