Innovation Hits Islamabad’s Excise and Taxation Department

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We have recently seen a lot of services being computerized by the government in an attempt to make the system more efficient, along with helping out in controlling the prevailing security issues faced by the state by making the required information available as and when required.

The excise and taxation departments of all the provinces have been trying to provide ways for verifying the vehicles being purchased by public and we attempted to cover all the available processes and the issues that remain in a previous post.

One latest development, which is expected now in the federal capital, is the introduction of multi-security chip-based vehicle registration system as the Capital Administration and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this week for the project.

The expected benefits of the initiative are summarized as under:

  1. The credit-card size registration cards will replace the vehicle registration books, they would contain the data about the vehicle and its owner and would be more secure than the paper copies in use currently
  2. The new cards would be more secure and would solve the prevalent issue of fake registration books as it was very easy in case of paper copies
  3. Only one card would be issued against one car, in case a duplicate is required, the previous card would be blocked rendering it useless
  4. Registration process would become swift and foolproof; particulars of the owners would be verified from NADRA database before registering the car and this would not require any delays due to the online system
  5. The possibility of linking it with FBR can also be considered making the new scheme of different rate for tax filers and non-filers much easier
  6. The verification process of cars would also be authentic and the latest data would be made available at capital administration’s website, the current records as per the websites of most excise departments are really old and pretty much useless
  7. The accurate and verified data of vehicle owners would be available to security agencies promptly which would be a major benefit of this project
  8. Unnecessary delays in the registration process and the involvement of agents for usual tasks would be curbed by making it simple and time-based.

We honestly wish the authorities major success in this endeavor as the current process is a pain not only for the excise department, but also the common public.

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  1. Janjua says

    It would be interesting to show this new smart card to police deployed on Sindh-Punjab border.. and then make them understand its “smart’ 🙂

  2. Saad R. says

    With all the data in a chip, I don’t see how the black uniform police (thullay) would be able to look for loopholes to mint their pockets. Sounds great I mean!

  3. Emad Arbani says

    Hahaha they would be like, “Yeh konsaa baahir mulk kaa card hai” ? 😛

  4. Alpha Bravo says

    It looks so pleasing to know about it

  5. Abdul Rehman says

    How tax will be paid, I mean we got stamps on vehicle tax renew. Is that mean we need to renew this card everywhere or is there any expiry ( 3 or 5 years) just like we have for Licence cards.

  6. Abdul Rehman says

    “Only one card would be issued against one car, in case a duplicate is required, the previous card would be blocked rendering it useless”……………how a Traffic Sargent verify a blocked card.

  7. Saad R. says

    Hi Abdul, the token paying system is soon going to be revamped. Soon you’ll be able to pay the tax of your car through 1-link ATM’s. Punjab government is specially making efforts toward it. Not so sure about federal but i believe others would follow suit.

  8. Adnan says


  9. Umz says

    QR Code. Sargent scans QR code with mobile, sends the decoded number to a certain number, reply states owner name, or otherwise “BLOCKED”.

  10. Natsu Igneel says

    thullo ne “kaaghaz” he mangnay hai jo marzi hojaye !!

  11. Ch Abdul Rehman says

    What about the books which are issued in march 2015 is it possible to replace the book with the smart card because i registered my car in march and i have book i realy wana go for smart card

  12. Mirza Junaid Javed Baig says

    can this SMART card issued by Excise be used as tracking device, incase car lost theft??? like we can locate lost mobile phone having SIM card in it????

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