Islamabad: ITP bans heavy bikes from entering residential areas

In an aim to provide relief to the people of the city, on 10th November 2018 Islamabad Traffic Police has imposed a ban on heavy bikes.

As per the details, the biker will not be allowed to ride heavy bikes in the residential areas between 9 pm to 6 am. The step has been taken after the authority received a lot of complaints from the residents of Islamabad. The residents in their complaints have argued that due to heavy bikes, the noise pollution and traffic hindrance has increased in the capital. Bikers are running through signal free corridors every day.

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The ban will go on till the further announcement, the authority has requested the bikers community to cooperate with the local authorities. After this new order was passed by the authority, a new debate has started, some have argued in favour of the ban while some have harshly criticised this decision and called its absurd.

While speaking to, one of the local heavy bikers said that it is a total discrimination against the biking community and the authority should reconsider its decision.  

Aside from traffic police going after heavy bike users, it is also clamping down on people who are using tinted glass and pressure horn in their cars.

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Notable Replies

  1. aa78 says:

    If these bikes comply with international standards for noise (unless modified), why are they being banned? Do the ITP have proper instruments for measuring noise being produced?

    Further, the ITP has not mentioned how many complaints they received to enact such draconian measures. There are far bigger traffic nuisances in Islamabad than bikers revving their bikes at night.

    Blanket adhoc bans are stupidity.

  2. It seems like a wise decision. The bike itself aren't the problem but the way riders rev up during night times make a lot of noise which in winter specially is too much.

  3. TM says:

    I have no issue if they crackdown is on bikes/automobiles with modified exhausts... but putting a complete ban on use of legally allowed bikes is not the way.
    Will the authorities refund some tax amount these bikers had paid... as they were charged on the basis of 24/7 use on roads of Pakistan.
    This seems the authority is taking away my freedom of movement :disappointed_relieved:

  4. I understand your point of view my friend but may be (as I am not sure) when you rev up in narrow streets some old granny with heart disease curses a lot. Think about that a little. I see no other reason to ban because of the time-frame which is again as I said the right time to make noise.

  5. no where,

    make a law - that reads like

    If you rev the piss out of your modified and loud bike on a public funded road - your bike will be confiscated and crushed and melted to make dalda tins.

    If you ride like a jerk and wheelie etc on public funded roads, your bike will be confiscated and crushed by road roller.

    I you filter lanes and block general traffic on public funded roads your bike will be confiscated and burnt in a pile of trash in a landfill.

    In every above offence you will be arrested and made to sweep the streets for 3 months minimum

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