Local authorities of Kalat take action against transporters

In a move to control traffic violations and fatal accidents on roads especially on Quetta-Karachi Highway, the local administration of Kalat has decided to take stern action against the transporters. According to the details available to us, the Commissioner of Kalat, Mr Hashim Ghilzai has barred transporters to equip their 12-seater Hiace vans with CNG kits

Moreover, the administration has also ordered the transporters not to use cell phones while driving and also overloading and over-speeding are banned from now on. Additionally, it was also directed to them that no one is allowed to let passengers sit on the rooftop of the vans and other passenger coaches.

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If the regulations are not followed correctly, then strict action would be taken against the violator. Even their license will be cancelled if they found neglecting the traffic rules and regulations. The commissioner has ordered the transporters to submit the route permit so that new stickers would be issued to their vehicles.

These steps are being taken to curb traffic accidents and also to lessen the traffic violations on Quetta-Karachi Highways which is regarded as one of the most dangerous highways in the country. For the past many years a significant number of fatal traffic crashes have been recorded in the said areas, so this step might proved to be fruitful. However, it is yet to see how authorities will implement the new policy and how successful it will be, only time will tell. Let’s wait and see how events unfold.

Aside from Kalat Administration taking reasonable measures to ensure the safety of citizens, Islamabad Traffic Police has also introduced many new projects for the people of the city and the latest being the Virtual Driver Training Simulators. The program has been initiated to train and educate the beginners to give them a real experience.

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