KPK to host first Drag Race in region

Drag Race KPK

In collaboration with Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Frontier 4×4 club organizes the first Drag Race in the region on Sunday, 18th November 2018.  It is a one-day event that will take place at Regi Lalma Peshawar, KPK, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Powered by, this is the 1st ever Drag Race event to take place in KPK to provide a competitive platform to the rally drivers and revive the motorsport spirit in the region. There will be eight categories in total, which are as follow:

Drag Race Categories-

  • Category A: AWD Unlimited
  • Category B: RWD Unlimited
  • CateC:y C : 2WD Turbo Max 4 Cylinder
  • Category D: AWD Turbo – Stock Turbo- 4 Cylinder
  • Category E: 1601cc Uptill Maximum 6 cylinders-Naturally Aspirated
  • Category F: 0 to 1600cc – Naturally Aspirated
  • Category G: 4WD SUV’s/ Trucks
  • Category H: Female (Any Vehicle)

The Registration Fee is Rs. 5000 per vehicle, and following is the link to get yourself registered in the Drag Race event –

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Notable Replies

  1. category f will be the most interesting one...i really want to see who would win in a race between suzuki swift and honda city...

  2. biloo says:

    Hers the answer . It's Honda City...
    Drag raced and checked lots of times.

    Indeed category F would be interesting to watch

  3. What if someone shows up with an ae chassis gt (1.6 20V) corolla and runs riot and wreck havoc? No city or swift then, ehh? Also more interesting will be an altis 1.6 vs city 1.5 and even more interesting would be 20v gt corolla vs a civic eg/Ek with b16b swap

  4. biloo says:

    Altis 1.6 over takes City 1.5 after 120 km/h. Before that, City is quicker.
    I'd love to see GT vs EG though.

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