LHC requests Punjab Govt. to grant PKR 129.414m for cars

Lahore High Court has requested the provincial government to grant PKR 129 million for buying 46 brand new Honda Civic (1800cc) Oriel CVT cars, reports DAWN.


The request has been made by the registrar office of the court to Punjab Government keeping in view the provision of the extra grant of PKR 129.414 million during FY’18-19. The office has also stated the total amount of these cars and the overall amount for the whole registration process as well which is as follow:

46 cars: The total amount is PKR 125.488 million

Registration amount of the vehicles: PKR 3.926 million

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It is to be noted here that without the approval from the treasury department Government of Punjab and Punjab cabinet, the funds cannot be released, so after the approval from these two authorities, the funds will be released.

Apart from Lahore High Court requesting funds for new cars, PM has announced to auction luxury cars on 17th September 2018 at PM House, Islamabad. The high-end luxury cars include the Mercedes Benz S-300, Maybach S-600, BMW 7-Series, BMW X-Series, etc.

Here’s the updated list released by the Prime Minister House:


These vehicles can be accessed during office hours from 13th September to 14th September 2018.

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Notable Replies

  1. ivtec3 says:

    Earlier it was being said that grade 17 and above govt officials will be given Cultus cars... why Civics for judges then?

  2. Looks like we r still trapped in purana pakistan

  3. F1 says:

    where are the high claims that nobody will use expensive cars ? where is CULTUS ???

  4. I find this blog post a strange/populist decision by Pakwheels editorial staff, I mean you mention PM House vehicle auction very casually or any scrutiny (that PM is drumming from the day of his oath till now) while having a separate piece on LHC request for funds, in my opinion its not worthy of having separate piece here, so not worth commenting either...

  5. mehran says:

    Selling off government assets like vehicles is usually not a good option. The next government whichever it is will buy all new luxury vehicles and incur even greater expenses. It would be best to ban new purchase of luxury vehicles and keep using the ones already held.

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