Update: All Pakistan Mini Mazda Association on strike

According to the recent updates, the Mini Mazda Association has agreed to clear the Babu Sabu Interchange as the authorities have agreed to full fill their demands and conditions. As of now the trucks and other vehicles which were blocking the interchange are now being moved.

Previously as reported by PakWheels.com, All Pakistan Mini Mazda Association went on strike due to overcharging of toll tax by the authorities.

In a bid to force the government to decrease toll taxes, the All Pakistan Mini Mazda Association has gone on strike and blocked Babu Sabu Interchange. Their protest has caused major traffic jam issues all across the Lahore, causing problems for the local commuters and the people coming into the city.

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The members of the association are coming from all over Punjab to record their protest and are demanding to decrease toll tax on Bund road and Ring road. Moreover, one of their most important demand is that the authorities should hurriedly demolish “illegal” toll plazas which are built on Bund road. While speaking to the media, the president of All Pakistan Trucks Trailers Owners Association (APTOA), Lala Yasir said that the authorities are constantly surging the toll tax rates which are unacceptable for us. The toll tax in a short span of time has gone up to PKR 350 from PKR 150, which is not right and the concerned authorities should do something about it.

Police dept was called to the scene to clear the areas; while on the other hand, protesters are not willing to bow their heads until their demands are met. Moreover, the officials of Mazda Association said that if the government and other authorities do not listen to their demands, they will block Lahore’s Mall road in the next step and protest and strike would continue.

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  1. Apart from very high rates, I wonder where all the collected toll ends up? We see long queues of vehicles on every toll and roughest estimates put the collected amount in billions per year, roads however remain the same ridden with potholes and patches.

    What is the purpose of toll taxes if they don't even repair the damned roads. I stand with truck owners on this.

    Lahore ring road increased toll from Rs. 10 to Rs. 35 flat rate for cars only, what was the rationale and justification of this. This toll goes to FWO I believe?

  2. Atleast M2 motorway is maintained really well.

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