Motorway (M2) to be opened for heavy bikes above 600 cc on 15th December

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Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) to open for bikers on 15th December 2019.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) to ensure the compliance of its orders regarding the permission granted to heavy bikes exceeding 600 cc engine capacities to enter motorways.

According to the details, the court issued the orders earlier this year, which are yet to be implemented. The conditions for regulating the entry of motorbikes on motorways were issued by the Office of the Inspector General of Police (NH&MP) back on 1st March 2019. However, nothing has been done practically to allow heavy bikes on motorways. The bench of IHC issued a strict verdict regarding the implementation of the permission else it’s ready to initiate contempt of court proceeding against the IG of motorway police. The court also pointed out that there is no restriction on the entry of motorbikes on motorways as per the Motorway Ordinance 2000. Previously, the heavy bikes were allowed on motorways in 2011 for three years period. No complaints were registered against the motorbike riders during this period. However, NH&MP had its reservations as it believed that several incidents, including the tire burst, could result in fatal accidents on motorways. 

Apart from all the debate, IHC has now given a green signal to motorbikes over 600 cc engine capacity.  In this regard, motorway police had earlier issued the conditions for regulating their entry on motorways. National Highways and Motorway Police, is empowered under Section 45 read with Section 90 of the National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000 to control, determine and regulate the type of permissible traffic at any given time keeping in view the road and weather conditions. The authority, therefore, under this permission, issued the following conditions for motorbike entry on motorways.

  • The person entering on motorway shall have a valid motorbike license.
  • The minimum age criterion for acquiring the Biker Card is 35 years, which also requires attaching a medical card along with.
  • Any motorbike entering the motorway must have a valid number plate issued by the provincial or federal government’s authorized agency.
  • The maximum permissible speed limit for a motorbike on the motorway is 120 km/h.
  • Pillion riding is strictly prohibited on the motorway.
  • Motorbikes entering motorways shall be installed with visible reflectors at the rear side.
  • A motorbike shall be in a perfect working condition to enter the motorway.
  • Side-mirrors shall be installed on the motorbikes.
  • A minimum tread depth of 1 mm is required for both the front and rear wheels of the motorbike.
  • No motorbikes below 660 cc engine capacities will be allowed to enter the motorway.
  • All the motorbikes shall keep their headlights turned on so their visibility to other commuters could be ensured.
  • No motorbike shall be allowed to enter the motorway for the sake of racing.
  • In case of bad weather conditions and poor visibility, the riders shall be made to exit from the nearest interchange or park their motorbikes in the nearest service areas of the motorway.

Note here that the heavy bikes of the bikers club will be allowed one-time use of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) on 15-2-2019 under the supervision of NHMP. In case the weather is unpleasant on the said day, the arrangements will be made for next Sunday (22-12-2019). Read the full document below:

The bikers’ community in the country wants the government to comply with the orders of the IHC within the allowed time. It’s certainly good news for them who have long been waiting for permission to be granted to them. However, the motorbike riders shall also comply with the conditions imposed by the government for entry on the motorway.

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  1. Ali aziz says

    No need for the heavy bikes/ motor bike on the motor ways what so ever it will cause increase in severe road accidents on Motor ways. If it going to be start on motorways then our young generation and elite class which are having so Much expensive motor bikes they will get a chance of racing, one wheeling and making risk for other vehicles and people commuting on road. No need to allow them on road. Stay blessed and stay safe at your home dear bikers. Agar IG Motor ways per contempt of court lagti hy to laga dou logon ki jan danger say bachanay pr. Allah Khair karay hamari Judiciary PR jou hr matter mein taang ara daiti hy hr idara apna kam better janta hy Best Regards. Ali Fsd.

  2. Muhammad Khurram Khurshid says

    Pillion riding is strictly now allowed on motorways.???
    A minimum tread depth of 1 mm is required for both the front and rear wheels of the motorbike.

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