New details and pictures of 2014 Euro-spec Corolla

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The 2014 Corolla was revealed in both U.S. spec, which featured a more aggressive stance and in Euro Spec which featured a more civilized, a more gentlemen type stance, bathed in white instead of red, we certainly hoped to avoid Euro Spec in Pakistan.

Anyway, Toyota has revealed details and pictures today which it earlier refrained from sharing with the press.

Three engines are announced for the Euro Corolla; a 1.3 liter dual vvt-i petrol engine which produces 98 bhp and 128 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. The fuel economy is also quite impressive at 17.85 kms per liter/5.6 liters per 100 km.

A 1.6 liter dual vvt-i petrol engine which produces120 bhp and 154 lb-ft of torque with a fuel economy of 15.15 kms per liter /6.6 liter per 100 kms. Another 1.6 liter engine is also made available with Valvematic technology instead of vvt-i, the 1.6 liter Valvematic engine produce more  then vvt-i with 130 bhp and 160 lb-ft of torque. The Valvematic will give 16.66 kms per liter / 6 liters per 100 kms.

The most powerful engine, which we believe will be featured in the Altis is a 1.8 liter dual vvt-i petrol powerplant producing 138 bhp and 173 lb-ft of torque which is sent to the wheels through Multidrive S automatic transmission with a fuel economy of 15.62 kms per liter / 6.4 liters per 100 kms.

The last and least powerful engines of all announced is a 1.4 liter diesel engine which produce only 89 bhp but 205 lb-ft. of torque with a staggering fuel economy of 26.31 kms per liter / 3.8 liters per 100 kms.


Apart from that, the diesel will also have a six-speed MultiMode transmission and Stop & Start technology for fuel saving, which automatically turns off your car when you come at a signal or sit idle, and then restarts the engine when you dab the accelerator.

Ever since diesel became so expensive, people ceased to buy diesel cars and Indus Motors also stopped producing the famous 2.0D Corolla but with so much torque and such a great mileage, we think the 1.4 liter diesel Corolla will be cheaper to run and better to drive in the cities with that amount of torques.

At today’s fuel prices, 100 kms will only cost 405 rupees (3.8 into 106.76 pkr) in the 1.4 diesel Corolla, and  100 kms will cost 570 rupees (5.6 into 101.77 pkr) in the 1.3 Corolla which has the best mileage of all the petrol engines.

Even though that diesel prices are as yet expensive then petrol, even then a 1.4 liter diesel Corolla is 165 rupees cheaper to run and has more torques then all four petrol engines, so here’s hoping we get the diesel back.

euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_8 euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_32

Apart from the engines, Toyota has released 65 images of the Euro Spec Corolla which will be available in three trims; Live, Active and Lounge.

In Pakistan, those trims are called; Xli, Gli and Passion.

euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_58 euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_33 euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_29 euro-spec-2014-toyota-corolla-new-photos-emerge-photo-gallery-medium_8

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  1. Arsalan Farooq Warraich says

    Best corolla ever 🙂

  2. Noman Rana says

    best corolla

  3. Khanzada Hamza says

    is it corolla 2014?

  4. Chaudhry Muhammad Sabeeh says

    nice one man…
    1.6 version is cool….

  5. Faizan Ali says

    Hope this model launches in Pak also.

  6. Ali Raza Ali says

    kub ai g.

  7. Awais Athar says

    Let's see

  8. Ubaid Naeem says

    Zaid Naeem

  9. Awais Iqbal says

    @Aaryaa Ali Please read above line in post " we certainly hoped to avoid Euro Spec in Pakistan." However, we need similar version in Pakistan

  10. Abid Raza Khan Bhojia says

    good shape

  11. Shah Gul Ghani says

    honda have to die after launch.

  12. Saleem Inayat says

    I cant wait to get into the 2014 corolla.

  13. Waseem Ullah Khan says

    Ta hm dieselay ye

  14. Faizan Ali says

    why to avoid euro spec???

  15. Hasan Farooq says

    this is Camry2014 not corolla.

  16. Usman Ilyas says


  17. Ahmad Khan Lodhi says

    did u really like that 1?

  18. Ahmad Khan Lodhi says

    hahahahaha 😀

  19. Muhammad Abdullah says

    I think that this is it.

  20. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Awais Iqbal They hoped. but it is not avoided. It is also written below that "Apart from the engines, Toyota has released 65 images of the Euro Spec Corolla which will be available in three trims; Live, Active and Lounge.

    In Pakistan, those trims are called; Xli, Gli and Passion.

  21. Sajid Tarar says

    ideal corolla modle 2014 soon want in pakistan.

  22. Shayan Shoukat says

    Awais Iqbal Means it is coming , Right?

  23. Faizan Ali says

    @Ahmad:obviously its better then before one corolla shape

  24. Choudhry Nouman Shahid says

    bro pakistan me new corolla kab lunch ho rahi ha n price ka koi idea ha kesi ko? plzz repley

  25. Khan Lala says

    Well well well! Am a big fan of Honda. And Toyota has almost copied every Shape from Honda and others. BUT… This time it seems Toyota will be ahead as civic 2013 Has really disappointed me. Now let it come this one seems a really spec one.

  26. Mir Shamroze Satakzai says

    lolx akhir khar

  27. Mir Shamroze Satakzai says


  28. Mian Waqas says

    When it will be available in Pakistan?

  29. Owais Ismail Qarni says


  30. Usman Ali Qureshi says


  31. Samiur Rahman Shah says

    Baber, the torque values are in Nm, not in lb-ft.

  32. Muhammad Hassan Ashraf says

    Expected price ??

  33. Modood Ahmad Khan says

    Mixture of City from front and Camery from rare. looking good.

  34. Farrukh Malik says

    On the first glance I thought its the new Civic 2013………. :p

  35. Khurram Ehsan says

    Nice car… I wish the same model is launched in Pakistan with all features, …. Warna Pakistanis they will continue the same old shape. I guess Toyota has hired some who is xpert in "copy / paste"….:-P

  36. Rana Shujaat Ali says

    Beautiful interior

  37. Fawad Chandio says

    verry nice

  38. Anonymous says

    Zabardast Exterior and interior banaya hai aur feul efficient b hai.

  39. Muhammad Zubair Siddiqui says

    Its copy of CIVIC.

  40. Farooq Abbasi says

    wao supper

  41. Sonu Monu says

    Agar koi b apni car sale karna chahta hai ya new lana cahata hai to yes site vist kary I visit it and its an awsome site
    Must Visit Peoples.

  42. Shezy KaimKhani says

    Back style looking as camery

  43. Khawaja Imran Ahmad says

    It's really nice to know about the salient features of New Corolla. Esp 405 rupees (3.8 into 106.76 pkr) in 1.4 Diesel Corolla, with a staggering fuel economy of 26.31 kms per liter / 3.8 liters per 100 kms.

  44. Khawaja Imran Ahmad says

    It will be a Good addition in the market, and have potential in gaining the position of Best Seller in Pakistan in near future.

  45. Asif Rizvi says

    New corolla's interior, exterior and fuel economy are excellent features. Lets see its price!

  46. Malik Shahid says

    I will suggest Toyota must introduce Chip system in key bcz it z easily stolen car. people r preferring Japnese used car bcz of this factor.

  47. Anonymous says

    nice shot toyota.

  48. Ahmed Amin Malik says

    Fuel economy rates are too good to be true, atleast the diesel ones!

  49. Muhammad Zubair Anjum says

    nice car……….will u?

  50. Neha Ahmed says

    pehle anay toh do pakistan mein phr dekh layna kaisi hai or honda ki cars ajj bhe corolla se achi hain

  51. Mishal Jadoon says


  52. Hamad Ch says

    Nice car….. Ab toyota walo isy launch b kr do

  53. Ahsan Ejaiz says

    i hope this one should give tough competition to honda….

  54. Umer Khan says

    honda 2014 like a bench of any foot path . no drive no shape n nothing

  55. Ashfaq Ahmad says


  56. Ashfaq Ahmad says


  57. Umer Khan says

    Allah g menno ve Toyota corolla gli euro 2 chahidiye…..

  58. Asif Ali Sodho says

    THats not real

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