The All New Hilux Revo and Fortuner – An Insight Into the Possible Features

Revo and Fortuner

IMC a few weeks back gave us a glimpse of the Toyota Hilux Revo and the New Toyota Fortuner. IMC is yet to officially disclose the price and spec. The Hilux Revo is expected to come out in two variants or grades; Mid-grade and Full spec. Revo is likely to be launched with a 3.0L 1KD Engine diesel engine. It will be available in 5-6 speed manual and automatic transmissions.
The Fortuner on the other hand is expected to be launched with a 2.7L 2TR petrol engine. The new Toyota Fortuner is likely to have a new 6 speed automatic transmission. PakWheels was able to get the following spec from an undisclosed official of IMC.

Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Revo specs


There is no clear date, as to when the car will be officially launched by IMC, and there isn’t any time for when booking will start. Stay tuned for more updates on the New Fortuner and Hilux Revo.


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Samiullah Sharief

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  • salman

    revo nov end, fortuner jan , but fortuner should be launched with new 2.8 ltr engine, not the old one that they want to remove from stock

  • Omar

    I cant see Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) anywhere – these models without VSA will be a coffin on wheels !

  • Khurram

    These are specs commented upon by in-official source.



  • Guest

    “increased couple distance”

    Means what? Sounds like a disadvantage.

  • twister286

    The 2.8L is the 1GD-FTV diesel engine.

  • Sarosh

    I was saving money for the new hilux, I have been driving a 1998 for 10 years now and what I get in return the same 15 year old d4d engine. Indus show some respect to customers. I’ll get the imported one I guess but I don’t like imported vehicles as they have part and insurance issues. All my plans ruined. Probably I’ll get the face-lift altis instead and wait for the hilux to upgrade. Imc should have introduced new engines but they have failed to deliver.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    How are these two vehicles “All New” when the main technical component, the engine, in these cars is still the same?! More like a facelift.

  • Shabbir

    GD engines cant run on pk diesel. These are euro4 diesel engines. Our diesel isn’t suitable for euro 2 engines even.

  • twister286

    Absolutely right.

    But why the fortunes doesn’t get the 3.0L 1KD-FTV engine is surprising. It’s a heavy car and the 2TR is underpowered for it.

    Australian fortuners get the 2.8L GD engine so they could have put the KD in the PKDM model…

  • twister286

    The 3.0L is a more powerful engine than the current 2.5L…

    It is a generation behind the GD engines, but our diesel can’t run those…