The all-new Suzuki Alto: Specs, features and expected price!

The wait is finally over as Pak Suzuki has launched the much-anticipated all-new 660 cc 8th generation of Alto in Pakistan at the Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS). Pak Suzuki has already called it the biggest reveal of the year. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of expectations from the first ever 660 cc car made in Pakistan. As a replacement of the company’s iconic Mehran, Alto has big shoes to fill in the local industry. For almost 30 years, the customers have been relying on the only choice in this particular segment. However, the time has changed now as the choices are widening up for the potential buyers in each segment; courtesy to the entry of new players in the local sector. Hence, the competition has also started getting intense which brings good quality products from the auto manufacturers to stay ahead in the race. It is worthy to mention here that the automaker has not revealed any in-depth features of the hatchback at the event in Karachi.

Pakistan Auto Parts Show 2019 is organized by Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) at Expo Centre, Karachi. Pak Suzuki has displayed its all-new 8th generation Alto at the event. Without any delay, it has grabbed the attention of many because the low-budget segment in Pakistan is in maximum demand for years and a large proportion of the population is interested in the cars introduced in this category. Pak Suzuki has invited everyone to witness the biggest reveal of 2019 at PAPS. Keeping in view the demand in the country, Pak Suzuki will be revealing three variants of its all-new Alto which include:

  • Suzuki Alto VX (Non-AC)
  • Suzuki Alto VXR (Air-Conditioned)
  • Suzuki Alto VXL AGS (AC with automatic transmission)

The first two variants are mated with a manual transmission whereas the VXL AGS is the automatic version of the hatchback. The company has opened the booking of Alto for corporate clients initially. According to a dealer of Pak Suzuki, the company is receiving bookings for the newly launched hatchback at Rs.5 lacs in favor of M/S Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd. However, the delivery would start after the launch.

It is pertinent to mention here that Suzuki Alto is currently in its 8th generation model which was introduced in Japan back in 2014. It’s the same model being launched in Pakistan but there is a strong possibility of the launch of the 9th generation model of Alto this year. Hence, the tradition of introducing cars in Pakistan which are close to discontinuation around the globe would continue. Moreover, people are also well aware of this hatchback because it’s already been imported from Japan. Perhaps the locally assembled Alto is not equipped with all the features available in the imported Japanese version. Before any further delay, let’s have a look at all the specifications, features and price of the debutant Alto.

Power train:

Suzuki Alto features a 660 cc engine which is first of its kind in Pakistan’s local automobile industry. The hatchback is launched under both manual and automatic transmission. Note here that the JDM Alto comes in automatic transmission only. The top of the line variant has an auto shift gearbox.


We are already familiar with the outlook of the 8th generation of Alto imported from Japan. The hatchback gets the exterior inspiration from Suzuki FX which was produced more than 30 years ago by the company. At the front, it has a similar type of crystal headlights in design. The radiator grille and the front bumper is one unit which comes as body color. The side mirrors are also body colored in the higher end variants. At the rear side, there is a chrome garnish in the top of the line AGS variant. The tail lights are placed at a very unusual position of the hatchback i.e. at the bottom. The company has also increased the ground clearance of the hatchback in accordance with the roads in the country. In my humble opinion, the 8th generation of Suzuki Alto doesn’t look as appealing from either side as its previous versions.


Although, Pak Suzuki is bringing the Japanese technology in the locally assembled Alto; there are fewer features provided by the auto manufacturer. However, the hatchback is spacious as compared to the previous Mehran. The dashboard is expected to be similar to the JDM version. Moreover, the top of the line VXL AGS variant will be equipped with ABS braking to ensure the safety standards. The hatchback will have a power steering and power windows in the higher end model. As mentioned before, the base variant VX is not equipped with air-conditioning system whereas all other variants are air-conditioned. The newly introduced car is also expected to be equipped with an immobilizer feature to ensure security.


The all-new Alto is expected to come with an audio system equipped with Bluetooth, AUX and USB connectivity for a complete package of entertainment for the consumers. However, there will be no extra-ordinary features inside the hatchback.


Pak Suzuki hasn’t yet announced the price of the all-new Alto. Surprisingly, the automaker has initiated booking orders at all authorized dealerships of Pak Suzuki without any final price tag. Perhaps, the company has explained the benefit of booking 660 cc Alto for the first 3000 customers as they will enjoy the introductory price of the hatchback till 14th June 2019. However, the price of the base variant of Alto is speculated to start around Rs.9.5 lacs and will go all the way up to Rs.11.5 lacs for the top of the line VXL AGS variant.

Final Verdict:

Suzuki Alto is a welcome addition to the automobile industry of Pakistan. At the same time, there are a lot of expectations from the model as it’s replacing the iconic Mehran which has been the backbone of the low-budget segment. One thing is for sure, Alto will be a much better option than the Mehran which had only basic features to run a car. The new hatchback will provide a better comfort inside the spacious cabin. Whether it will find success in the local industry or not, will depend upon its price. In the low-budget segment, people are more concerned about the price and maintenance cost of the car. Therefore, Pak Suzuki needs to play smart here to compete in the presence of United Bravo and the upcoming Prince Pearl. Besides, the company will have an edge of its brand name on others anyway. Suzuki has a larger fan base in Pakistan than any other new entrant like United or Prince.

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