Next Generation 2017 Suzuki Swift Photos Leaked

suzuki swift

The automotive scene in Pakistan is not that wide. Unfortunately, our countrymen are blessed with only three major car producers and buyer have very limited choices. But there are very few cars among the available lineup which are still sort of attractive. And arguably Suzuki Swift is on that very short list. PakWheels did a wonderful video review of the current generation of Swift, which is basically a first generation for Pakistani market. However in international markets, this is the third generation. The review can be seen at the end of this article.

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Overseas the current Swift arrived back in the year 2010 and now looking for a fresh face. Suzuki was working on it, and now some spy images have been released. Suzuki Global operation is looking to release next Swift in 2017 and already have been shown to the dealers in Europe. From the available images, at first, glance, it does not look new at all. You will not find any revolutionary changes and these are more of an evolution of the existing car. At the front, the new car is getting newly designed grill, newly shaped headlights and fog lights. On side elevation, the roof looks slightly more sloped than the current generation and drops at C-pillar. New fenders and alloy wheels are also visible. On the rear, there are newly designed tail lights and slightly changed rear hatch door.

On the interior very small changes are visible. No more details and specification are available at this time. It is expected to get the newly designed 1000 cc BOOSTERJET direct injection turbocharged petrol engine. The new fuel efficient engine is also available in the new the Baleno. The Swift RS variant might be available with a 1.4L Petrol engine. Other engine options are also expected, but it is too early to speculate at this time.

It looks like the new Swift will not be that new on exterior or interior and might be a little let down for Suzuki fans. The car will be officially revealed in early 2017 in Europe and shortly after that in India.

Fazal Wahab

I am Civil Engineer by Profession and have love for High Rise Towers, Underground construction and Carbon Fiber Composites, automobiles is my first love. Its my passion to know and share about anything new in automobile industry.

  • Abdul Hannan

    first gen swift was khyber shaped not this one

  • Shani Arain

    better buy a v2 (Y)

  • Shahzaib

    No hope of launching in Pakistan till 2018 ,perhaps.!!!
    I think Suzuki Pakistani should seriously think about the New Baleno, should replace Swift with it.
    But all of our suggestions/anticipations/wishes are of no avail.
    Suzuki has recently posted a record 207 % increase in its profits , largely attributed to Corporate/Govt orders.

  • Kashif Akbar

    today in 2016, we are getting the shape and specs of 2006 swift. we live in a country where Suzuki is the Pioneer in sucking out blood without any return from the people. if it launches in 2017, we can expect it here in 2030 and no one knows about our life. suzuki cars have guaranteed long lives.

  • Ehs

    The swift we are getting is not 2006 shape/spec release but a late 2004 spec/shape release (with features like airbags, pretensioners, etc removed)…Paksuzuki is two generations behind.

  • Ahmed

    Coming to Pakistan in 2050! Hahaha

  • Guest

    “Swift” name was used for a variety of cars in different regions. That “Swift” was marginally known as Swift, rather it was known as Cultus. There were many variants suach as Club Cultus, Cultus Crescent etc.

    The current Swift (1300cc in Pakistan) is the first-gen, considering it a reboot of the Swift nomenclature, and Cultus name has not been interchangeably used with this one. And there has been a new generation of the Swift, and now there will be a third gen in 2017.

  • Ibrahim Malik

    This model looks similer to Hyundai Veloster, what you think!!!!
    Which got launched in Middle east 5 years ago!!!!

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    someone told me that japanese get 5 years old cars, disassemble, clean and polish old parts and sell us as new. we reassemble 5 year old cars and believe that its new

  • Guest once more

    Someone told somebody anything. There is a lot of tell-tale and hearsay. Believe it when you see it.
    Japanese are known for honest business, though the definition of fair and honest are different. Japanese are known not to lie, and promote the truth. An example is the excellent grading system of export cars, although it is scrap for them, they have no need to take care what type of car is exported to whom.

    Whether they allow fair competition is altogether a different question, and the answers can be seen in Pakistan.

  • zahid

    sana asif
    No, if you want to treat it this way
    then you must accept that all such front designs are taken from platform of Audi

  • Waqar

    The car is copied from honda Vezel concept design.

  • Ahmed Naveed

    i am a swift user but i don’t like the 2 door concept , it is a family car , the shape is its beauty , and i love the features of suzuki swift .

  • Anas Noorani

    it isn’t a 2 door, look closely, rear door handle is right beside the window

  • Usman Amjad

    I see the Engine is very powerful and im looking to buy a Hatchback what would you suggest should i go for a 2015 Vitz or a 2017 Swift both lie in the 15 lac Pkr range and kindly let me know how the other parts perform like suspension and braking. Thankyou