Not Satisfied With Build Quality of Honda CB 150 F – Owner’s Review

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Today we have a brief owner’s review of the new Honda CB 150F. In this review, Mohib Khan discusses his bike’s specs, features, resale value, and pros and cons.


Honda CB 150F is Honda’s first bike in the 150cc category in the Pakistani market. The City Bike has a sporty appearance and a strong road presence. The owner does not recommend it for off-roading as the bike is meant to be ridden in the city. 


The CB 150F has 5 sporty gears and gives a smooth ride. The grip and ground clearance of the bike is suitable for riding through the city but not for off-roading. The owner bought this bike because of its sporty shape but isn’t satisfied with its build quality. The 124 kg bike doesn’t have a good power-to-weight ratio and feels underpowered.

The owner acknowledges that the bike’s top speed of 110 km/h is not up to the mark, but he does enjoy the high ground clearance, which doesn’t hit any bumps on the road. The CB 150F has a reasonable and responsive braking system with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

The front supports hydraulic shocks and provides a smooth ride. The shocks absorb all kinds of bumps and dips in the road.

Fuel Economy and Comfort

The owner found that CB 150F delivers a mileage of 35 km/l. The bike is comfortable to ride on and also supports comfortable pillion riding. It makes long trips through the city quite convenient. 

Maintenance and Parts Availability

Honda recommends changing the bike oil at the 3000 kilometers mark. The owner prefers not to use the company oil as he finds some other oil more reliable and of better quality. The air filter is recommended to be changed every 6-7000 kilometers. Meanwhile, the air filter usually costs around PKR 700.

Spare parts of Honda CB 150F are easily available in the market. If you need a part that isn’t available, the dealer usually provides it to you within 3 to 7 days. The price of its spare parts is relatively higher than its competitors.


The owner bought the bike in used condition for PKR 147,000, which had already traveled 30,000 kilometers. 

Resale Value

Unfortunately, Honda failed to create a strong market for this bike in Pakistan, so its resale value is very poor. According to the owner, paying around PKR 150,000 for a used Honda CB 150F is good value for money, but anything greater than that is not worth it.

Owner’s Verdict

The owner likes the bike but is not satisfied with its durability. A common issue with the bike is that its ring piston gives out quickly after reaching the 30,000 km mark. Moreover, getting its punctured tire patched is also an issue. He suggests getting this bike only if it is available in good condition as a used bike to obtain maximum value for money.

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