Pak Suzuki Should Introduce Suzuki Ciaz In Pakistan

Sedans and Pak Suzuki are two words that don’t play too well in a sentence, and rightly so. After the Suzuki Margalla, it was practically a downhill for Pak Suzuki in terms of sedans. The Suzuki Baleno was not very popular and used to come embedded with problems as default. Suzuki Liana didn’t help Pak Suzuki either. The high maintenance, bizarre looks and Suzuki’s reputation led to the demise of that car from local market and the production eventually stopped. Then someone genius at Pak Suzuki thought to introduce the almighty Suzuki Kizashi – the supreme leader at a throw away price of Pachaas Laaaaakh (5.0 million rupees). The idea of buying a Kizashi throws you away after finding out the price. It seems higher ups at Suzuki don’t want Pak Suzuki to excel, which is also evident from the introduction of Wagon R. I mean look at the car closely, a 15 years old first generation Santro looks better than the Wagon R and the Santro is not a car that would sell for its looks. Point being, Pak Suzuki needs to make better decision in terms of bringing new cars.

2016 would be a very decisive year for Pak Suzuki. The news is almost confirmed that Pak Suzuki is replacing Cultus with the Celerio, which in my opinion is a very logical decision. The Cultus is an okay car in terms of looks, minus the truck style backlights. The car offers fuel economy that can only put an SUV to shame, which is a shameful thing itself. I mean in this age, 10-11 kilometers to a liter is bad. The Celerio, on the other hand, does 20 kilometers to a liter easily, on paper that is.

Coming back to the point, Pak Suzuki is the market leader in the automotive industry in terms of number of vehicles sold per annum. The company has the potential to launch and successfully make a mark in the sedan market, given they launch the right car. Then again, potential is wasted energy. Everyone has a potential to do something, but they seldom do. Will is what matters with the potential. If Pak Suzuki is willing to launch a better sedan in the Pakistani market, it will most definitely become successful. In India and Thailand, Suzuki launched its SX4 sedan, which became quite popular. Pak Suzuki could have launched the same car here, but they decided against it. Lucky for Pak Suzuki, a new sedan from Suzuki was launched recently that is making strides. The Suzuki Ciaz is Suzuki’s answer to Honda City and Toyota Vios/Belta.

The Ciaz is a compact sedan, one that instantly became popular for its good looks, amazing performance and superb fuel economy. The Ciaz comes equipped with a 1.4-liter K-Series engine that is rated at 91 horsepower and is capable of achieving a fuel economy of 21 kilometers per liter. You can read about the other features of Ciaz from its brochure.

Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan (10)

If Pak Suzuki launches Ciaz in Pakistan, it would be a game changer for it. The car has everything that a common Pakistani buyer wants. It has the looks to put even the most modern sedans to shame, the performance and fuel economy to take you from point A to point B very fast without putting a dent in your pocket, and a price that would place it in the reach of most buyers who otherwise buy new City, Corolla or any used imported sedan owing to a lack of choice in the market. It would be most logical for Pak Suzuki to introduce the Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan and restore the reputation it used to enjoy at the time when Suzuki Margalla was available.

The Ciaz is available as Maruti Suzuki Ciaz in India and Suzuki Alivio in China. The car is very successful in both the regions. Last month, Suzuki launched the Ciaz in Thailand too due to its popularity in the South East Asian markets. Pakistani buyers are deprived of choices and if the price is right, the Ciaz would be a no-brainer for buyers who look for value for money in cars.

I believe, Pak Suzuki should take this step and introduce the Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan. What do you think?

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Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan (11)

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Fahad Ullah

I build products and review cars for PakWheels. I am also famous for typing more words than anyone wants to read.

  • Fahad

    Me also want this in Pakistan…it give tough competition to honda nd Toyota

  • heartyboy

    totally agree with you!but they should keep price a little less than city or xli/gli!

  • Faizan Khalid

    Liana discontinue to ho gaiee hai(heard that) phir bhi aiee ja rahi hai us ki jagga yeh launch kar den to fit hai

  • blankMind

    one statistic mentioned in this article is not correct. I own cultus model 2013, and brand new cultus mileage was 19.5 km in one litre. its my personal experience.

  • Awais Yousaf

    Yeah CIAZ should totally be introduced in Pakistan and i can guarantee they will sell a good number of units here in Pakistan.

  • Danish Umair

    lol to that

  • Hassan Sheikh

    They should launch this car. It is good for pakistani market.

  • TheISI

    Price must be within 13 to 15 Range, And i still would need to make my mind about it after all it’s Suzuki.

  • Babar Asghar

    I see a ciaz body work on Liana chassis … Suzuki is not made for normal size Desi paratha eating Pakistanis 🙂

  • ibtisam

    i have driven suzuki sx4 the Japanese version the pick was good and overall the car was good but wouldn’t be successful in pakistan due to it’s low petrol average between 8 to 9 km and not that good looking car

  • Haseeb

    No matter how good this car is. It will be a failure in Pakistani market due to physiology of Pakistani people about Honda, Toyota and resale factor. They cant sell this at price of suzuki swift. If price is equal to honda city then no one will buy it. Even if price is less then city people will still go for city.

    All they need is to focus on low price car. Price gap between Mehran and Wagon R should be filled. Further reducing the price of Wagon R will be wise decision.

  • Smokingaces

    Correction please: Its ” Psychology” not “Physiology”.

  • Rosh

    I dont see any success chances for Ciaz in Pakistan. Huge number of factors. top of all; it will be a suzuki which will cost more than a million so questions. if they can launch it in cultus price that may give them a chance but quality should compete City which is impossible for pak suzuki.
    Next; looks of the car. I saw it in shanghai a month back and instant response was a big NOOOO. bcz back shape may be acceptable but front is pathetic. 1st thing comes in your mind about front is a tweeked liana in real.
    3rd even if pak suzuki plan today they cant launch it in atleast a year. by than this shape will be totally outdated. cant compete with upcoming or already launched City by than and if cant compete in looks with corolla even today.
    4th. in my smoke room discussions in asia pacific region people always consider every suzuki a 2nd grade car. poor on quality. so no way they can give quality over here. even celario will be a failure. pak suzuki should keep focused on selling mehran and cultus as long as they can. anything else is a no.

  • Aamir Bashir

    Ciaz is good looking i guess but i may cost more than a swift which would not be affordable … and cultus is an old shape of swift which was changed in 2002 by the shape of swift we have now … but Pak-Suzuki is selling is by the name of cultus and we r buying it lolzzz

  • adeelqadir

    only if u a are driving at 60 80 kph in fifth gear on highway , which is good for bragging buy not practicAL for a city car

  • adeelqadir

    I think Suzuki should pack up and leave

  • Khurram

    That is true, plus it’s maintenance is very high because of poor quality. Shame it used to be such a good car in back in 2002.

  • Faizan Khan

    can u tell me when ciaz is launching in pakistan and whats the price? and how mucg cc car?

  • Faizan Khan

    can u tell me when ciaz is launching in pakistan and whats the price? and how mucg cc car

  • Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq

    I wonder what sort of species make decisions at the natural habitat of Pak Suzuki :/

  • Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq

    So even if Suzuki launches this car here in Pakistan, from experience there is a chance that this is gona happen, there will be no Airbags, no leather and wood trim, no ABS probably(just like they did with Liana -_-) no climate control and all the cool gadgets etc, no multimedia steering wheel , projectors etc etc and this isnt even going to be the basic variant. All they are gona boost about is the Oh look at this new K series engine and thats about it -_-

  • Looks like new City from behind and upgraded Liana from the front.. might be better than Liana but nothing cutting edge…

  • M.Saeed

    Suzuki should grow-up from the Tin ka Dubbah- Mehran and introduce something comparable to the Toyota Vitz with all its safety features. Otherwise, stop being a car producer of 21st century!

  • Humaid Merchant

    Dayem…this is definitely interesting

  • jawed

    This is interesting .I think suzuki should introduce ciaz in pakistan with prices as close as to city.

  • Qamar Hasan

    Ciaz, looks very nice, but it would have to compete with new Honda City which would come out very smart and good looking, then, Toyota is working on cosmetic changes to Corolla. So Ciaz’s survival would be dependent on upgrades, like , leather seats, music system with GPS, imported tyres and a good warranty. Additionally a lesser price than City and Corolla to break the City, Corolla mania.


  • Muhammad Shoaib

    The price of ciaz is too high aorund 2 millions. The first batch is imported however in future it would be assembelled in Pakistan. If the price would be so much high, it will flop. The reason is qulaity of suzuki. It can never compete with Toyota or Honda or any other multi national brand.

  • fahaduaf

    Price will matter alot. Market value, suzuki has that. no issue with market. peoples are still buying cultus and wagon R. if they include multimedia, central locking, it will compete with city. apparently fuel economy (18-22km/L) will give edge to ciaz over city (13-16km/L) only if the match the prices.