Pak-Suzuki Introduces Immobilizer in Mehran with a Price Increase


In an unexpected move earlier this week, Suzuki Pakistan Motor Co. Ltd. has increased the prices of Suzuki Mehran. Both, Petrol & CNG variants of this car have received a price increase of 24,000 rupees.

New Prices of Suzuki Mehran (w.e.f April 10, 2017):

  • VX = PKR 679,000
  • VXR = PKR 732,000
  • VX (CNG) = PKR 749,000
  • VXR (CNG) = PKR 802,000

Surprisingly, this price increase is coming with the addition of ‘Immobilizer.’ The company, however, has not released any statements or plans to include SRS airbags in this car. Most notably, adding an immobilizer and airbags were the highlight of the new auto policy 2016-21 and it seems that Pak-Suzuki is on its way to incorporate all these recommended additions in their vehicles.

Interestingly, this price increase also comes at a point when company’ profits have already taken a hit. The overall profits of the company have fallen by astonishing 53% for the year of 2016. The dropping profits are directly attributed to drastic low sales.’

The urban consumers’ behaviour changes more frequently than their rural counterparts, which justifies the immense popularity of this car in rural areas. Thus, people’s association of comfort with this car in rural areas is much more noticeable. Additionally, the Pakistani consumers prefer resale value over other features and thus it is a huge question for the company to continue or discontinue Suzuki Mehran.

Remarked GM Marketing Pak-Suzuki on Suzuki Mehran at launch of Vitara.