Pak Suzuki Threatens To Move New Investments To Iran, Express Doubts Over Celerio Launch

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Pak Suzuki is irked by the new Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21 and has been pressuring the government to revisit its policy or otherwise, it will shift its investment for a new plant worth around US $400-500 million to Iran from Pakistan, saying that the existing auto assemblers of Pakistan have received no benefits in the new policy.

While speaking with Dawn, Shafiq Ahmed Shaikh, Spokesperson for Pak Suzuki said,”We may shelve our investment plans in Pakistan besides rolling out new models as the ADP has nothing to offer,” adding further,”The government should revisit the policy.”

Pak Suzuki currently enjoys a comfortable 50 percent market share but has planned for an investment of US $1,000 to 1,500 million over the coming years in technology transfer through joint ventures, and such investment plans according to the the company were already shared with the government. The plans include vendor development and new models for the country as well.

When Dawn inquired about the fate of Suzuki Celerio, Shafiq stated that Pak Suzuki was ‘reevaluating its options’ to replace Suzuki Cultus with Suzuki Celerio, that is (or was) on track to be introduced this year in place of Suzuki Cultus as vendors (parts manufacturers) are already preparing parts and other accessories.

These maybe pressuring tactics by Pak Suzuki to tailor the auto policy 2016-21 in their favor but what will happen, is a PR nightmare for them instead we think.

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  1. Car Lover says

    it is sad that after offering excessively low quality products at high prices to an otherwise option-starved people, when the time came that they could get better alternatives, this Company is putting up these kinds of threats. If they want to take their “investments” (which is actually money they have robbed from the people of Pakistan, in collusion with officials) they are taking our money to other countries, well….I am sure the people of Pakistan will reject their remaining scrap models as well. With this kind of image, they are welcome to go to any other country they want to….with complete confidence that they will be rejected there too. May I suggest improving your quality rather than trying these dirty antics!!

  2. Usman Ansari says

    Hey Suzuki. Pakistan is the only country where you can sell outdated crap. Think before you leave.

  3. Abdur Razak says

    Thank God Pak Suzuki is leaving……………..bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..Blessing in disguise for us……

  4. Noman says

    BLACKMAILERS…………shuf your 30 years old crap cars like MEHRAN CULTUS BOLAN & CARRY up your arse and leave Pakistan…………We should let FIAT and VW come….

  5. Abdullah says

    i am amazed how are they issuing threats to Pakistani Government………Just leave Suzuki……not a single person likes your pathetic Mehran etc…..30 years old junk sellers….Pak Suzuki….

  6. FAW Group says

    Get F**ed Pak Suzuki… Do not go to Iran , Go to Hell…. Let volkswagon and fiat to come, let us ride Renault Kwid , you Ba*****ed …..

  7. Naeem says

    They have not done anything for the last 30 years as Suzuki Mehran is still being sold by them…….many excellent cars are available in market……if VW and FIAT don come Pak Govt is advised to reduce import duty so that we can enjoy Toyota Aqua like cars for 11 lacs in Pakistan and Japanese Suzuki ALTO with CVT transmission for 4 lacs

  8. Sadiq says

    After yesterdays speech by PM all Financial Terrorists like Pak Suzuki are issuing threats and leaving Pakistan…..thank God we wont have money sucking thieves anymore….byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Azhar says

    Celerio…..who cares…..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Kashif Akbar says

    This will be in the best interest of the people of Pakistan if Suzuki says good bye to us. we are already sick of ancient body cars and safety level zero cars. let’s gift them to Iran. hafiq Ahmed Shaikh, Spokesperson for Pak Suzuki, if you are a gentle-man, make your company to stand on feet for this decision. its better we can ride a donkey for few years in case no car maker comes. but this is so good to know that you are stopping to suck our bloods.

  11. Junaid says

    From the comments it seems like 100% of Pakistanis dislike Suzuki. I think Pakwheels should send an official communication to Suzuki that Pakistanis hate you… Go away

  12. qamar says

    better to quit pak auto market…… if you did not replaced ancient scraps (mehran & Cultus) no one gonna buy this scrap anymore. customer are already pissed off this scrap and moving toward imported ones.

  13. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Govt should really look into the comments in the Pakwheels blog section and see for themselves how much the people are fed up by Honda Suzuki Toyota dominating the market with their substandard products and no one’s guna miss them once they are gone.

  14. Ehs says

    Paksuzuki should be ashamed. They are offering obsolete models phased out in global markets since 1980s and have been enjoying government incentives since 3 decades. Even last year they got a contract for 30,000 vehicles by Punjab government. Yet now that government is talking about incentives for new entrants they have threatened to not replace any models and pull out investments.

    This company does not value consumer interests or safety at all. They are against competition which is most beneficial for industry and economy. Government should focus on new entrants

    We need competition badly and enforcement of safety standards and regulations that ensure model replacements similar to international markets.

  15. Hassan Khalid says

    Pak Suzuki earns millions and billions from Pakistan and due to this reason they will never leave Pakistan. The threatening statement is just a pressuring tactic by Pak Suzuki to tailor the auto policy 2016-21 in their favor.
    If they must; the fed up Pakistani consumers will welcome their decision to go wherever they like to.

  16. Paki says

    get lost then already!

  17. Rashid says

    Dear Pak Sandooki … err Suzuki, can you do 3 things?
    1. Read the comments section here as well as in Dawn where your threat was originally published.
    2. Take a good hard look at yourself and the trash you’ve been producing for years.
    3. Leave and never come back again. NEVER, please!

  18. Kashif Akbar says

    this is 1990 model of cultus sold in brazil (Rebadged, suburu-justy). how is this shame, 2016 (26 years), the the burgler company sells the junkyard for 10,50,000 PKR to us. come on., if you are a man of words, then PLEASE LEAVE THIS COUNTRY.

  19. Ahmed says

    HAHAHA well….. Paksuzuki, if any of your officials can read this and the comments here, the message is VERY clear. The people of Pakistan give absolute zero f***s if you even shut your whole operations altogether in the country. So yes you guys better leave, we don’t need you!

  20. Guest says

    Government very well knows that people are fed up by the government itself.
    There will be nothing new for them in the comments section.

    Government means – government … not the elected individuals. Elected individuals are just decorative items … actors … while the kingmakers play the puppets from behind the scenes.

    People were fed up from the previous govt, and the one before it, and the one before it.
    People are never happy, it seems.

  21. Baber says

    R.I.P Pak Suzuki ……………………….!

  22. Anabia says

    I think this is a time to leave cultus of 11.25 lacs to welcome V2 of 10.49 lacs

  23. Baber says

    Let’s have this Renault Kwid 800cc (Mehran Killer) possibly launching in 2019…. So Go to Hell U Suzuki

  24. Kashif Akbar says

    In my personal opinion, if FAW has launched a 1.0L version with a price tag of 9-9.5lacs, it must have been a market winner already. still nothing to repent, consider a 1.0L vitz engine for this FAW folks, and you will win.

  25. Kashif Akbar says

    2019 is too far mate. in india, they design new baleno in 3 months, and its already top selling and top exporting model for indian maruti. they designed this kwid in 4 months only, and in last six months bookings touch 120,000+ units there. why years and years for us here.

  26. Muhammad Aamer says

    The government should not go under pressure from the blackmailors like pak suzuki. The government must support new comers not the blackmailers. Shame on you Pak Suzuki.

  27. Guest says

    “saying that the existing auto assemblers of Pakistan have received no benefits in the new policy”

    The potential new entrants never had the chance to earn unlimited while the existing automakers had this chance for past 30 years. Paksuzuki is not the only one entitled to the loot.

    Suzuki won’t be successful in Iran with these antics. The day talks were held with US, that same day the minister in Iran said that new-comers will be forced to transfer technology, and the interests of Iranian public will be protected (it was covered on Pakwheels blog too).

    Iranians are proud people. They have been strengthened by decades of economic sanctions. Now if they get something new, they would not settle for less. Iranians have a high level of unity. If they decide nobody wants to buy a Suzuki, Suzuki would go bankrupt instantly.

    They have a homegrown industry such as Khodro Diesel (name of company) and others, which already manufactures ancient looking (remember those 70s Datsuns) pickups etc. A new market entrant trying to sell further obsolete junks would never be successful. Taking a similar example from Pakistan, Suzuki can sell outdated junk, but when Karakoram motors tried to introduce other junk, it was not successful, because only an already established player can do it.

    Recently many Pakistani companies have been looking to invest in Iran, but it is indeed a tough cookie to crack. They are totally independent people, it is not easy to take advantage of them. One wrong move and they would send you packing. It is not easy to “buy” an official in Iran or to influence their policy by “gifts” (motivation) or by “threats” (coercion).
    Paksuzuki has been taking advantage of Pakistani people all along. They can never do it in Iran.

    Now coming to the news. Suzuki has not announced they would leave Pakistan. They have just said that they wanted to install new plant, which they would not install. The old plant manufacturing those obsolete Mehrans, Bolan and Ravi would keep churning out its junk.

    In any case Suzuki would not exit the market at all. If you see the history of Suzuki at all, they have not exited any market easily, be it USA or any other. They can put a good fight when they are threatened, otherwise they love to sell obsolete junks. They sometimes go for rebadges. Which means they make money anyway.

    In reality if Paksuzuki exited the market, it would only hasten the change, as a number of people working with Paksuzuki would suddenly become unemployed (Paksuzuki has 5 years bond and strong no-hire agreements). The newcomers would gobble them up with better packages, but those better packages would still be cheaper for the employer because of the over-supply of candidates in the market. These employees could be easily trained for new models of other companies. The net effect would be that new entrants would be able to market their products in a relatively lesser time, at a lower cost because they would be paying less than expected to the employees.

    The parts suppliers would also face less threats and blackmailing. Overall it could cause short-term unemployment, short-term shortage of cars (this could be easily resolved by relaxing the imports for a short duration, till the time the new entrants manage to stand up to the task).

    As soon as Paksuzuki exits, government can immediately confiscate their tools and plant (this keeps happening in other countries such as Mexico), form a new government-owned SPV aur auction the whole enterprise and continue production (in any case Paksuzuki would not take their plant because they cannot use it anywhere else in the world – Pakistan has been their dumping ground – they have no incentive in taking trash with them). Because of low levels of localization, there will be an initial struggle without the support from Japan, but as a result, we would come out stronger as a nation.

    Maybe Japan could punish us by withdrawing Toyota, Honda and other forms of support by JICA, educational aid etc. but overall it would be better as we would come out as a stronger nation as we would learn to be independent and to find new friends on our own terms and conditions.

    In the end, Pakistan is ready to suffer a short term pain for the long term benefit of the nation. We did it when we were making the atom bomb, the whole nation sacrificed. People remember the economic sanctions, the pressure of CEATO, SENTO, CTBT and NPT.

    As a nation, once we get committed to something, which seldom happens, but once it happens then we don’t care what befalls us. Mr Shafiq thinks he can blackmail a hardy nation over junk like Mehran?

  28. Farewell-for-suzuki says

    So they are now threatening , lets all bid them a huge farewell ! Good to see you go,surely you will never be remembered !

  29. PeeDroid MiNi L100 says

    Pak Suzuki Take One Liter Of Petrol And Doob Ka Maar Jao Usmain!!

  30. Mansoor Qazi says

    I hope they take the feedback positively and introduce good new cars at competitive prices. Bayshak Allah hidayat dainay wala hay !!

  31. Rizwan Qureshy says

    50% market share 100% negative feedback. Hmmm…. Interesting business strategy Suzuki. You clearly are devilish cunning haha.

  32. Badar Shehzad says

    I find it very suspicious that we are only hearing about this billion dollar investment after the policy’s approval, maybe they should have thrown a couple million towards upgrading the Mehran and this would have been believable. If Pak Suzuki thinks threats is the way to get things done, then I bid Pak Suzuki farewell and good riddance, they can take their 400 million and burn it for all I care. Pak Suzuki has had 33 years, and they have done nothing, if they expect to get the same sort of benefits as the new entrants then they must be out of their minds.

  33. Badar Shehzad says

    Because we dont have everything already set up as Maruti & Renault India does.

  34. Zee says

    Lets start a campaign to boycott Suzuki products, especially Mehran, Cultus, Ravi, Bolan. #BoycottSuzuki

  35. Usman Ansari says

    and that 1990 thing was better equipped too.. even in the pic posted above one can see a rear windshield wiper & washer nozzle too.. something PS can’t even think of!

  36. mohsin says

    dear suzuki,
    please don’t go. you make the best cars with the best performance-price ratio. please do not leave me, my loove. i can not live without you. please have mercy. my heart is weeping. i dont understand, why everyone is against you.

    PS: On a serious note, VolksWagon sales are threatened by emission-gate scandal and they need new markets where they can fool people easily. From the comments, it also seems that we are those bunch of bananas.

  37. Muhammad Yasir says

    i hope this is Sarcasm !

  38. Muhammad Yasir says

    well written and good logical reasoning !

  39. Muhammad Yasir says

    how about you pray for em to go to hell instead?

  40. Muhammad Yasir says

    good logic BUT new , better and CHEAPER cars are the need of the moment !
    we need em NOW !

  41. Muhammad Yasir says


  42. Muhammad Yasir says

    you have to admit most govts are a bunch o’ morons trying to be smartasses !

  43. Muhammad Yasir says

    ahahah !

    EPIC !

  44. Muhammad Yasir says


  45. Waleed Ahmed says

    With Much Pleasure Dear P.S.(Pathetic Suzuki), Go to H*ll

  46. Waleed Ahmed says

    Better to Say, Irani Low Standard Petrol! 😀 lolzz!

  47. Waleed Ahmed says

    Yea! Certainly! we don’t want their Pathetic Teen Dabbas with A Mechanical Thing called Engine!

    & Outtttdateddd Modelss!!

  48. Waleed Ahmed says

    Yeaa!! Like we’re Getting Crazy like H*ll for their Darn CELERIOoOoo!! 😀

  49. Ahsan Khan says

    Good riddance! Please take your 1989.. errr… 2016 (same shit) Mehran with you too.

  50. Ahsan Khan says

    You’re worried about the environment? ROFL

  51. khan bhai says

    For the Sake of Mehran Please Pak shitzuki get out of here… We don’t need more donkey carts with S badge

  52. Masroor Gilani says

    Hurry up, go to Iran where you damn Suzuki will be hanged on crane for selling those POS cars

  53. Guest again says

    Iran is oil producing country and has high standard petrol. The intercity buses running in Iran (transport companies such as Iranpaima) are Mercedes.
    The problem is the way petrol is (or was, these days the control is strict) smuggled, in plastic containers, mixed well with dust and other contaminants. Which reduced the quality of petrol. Otherwise the knock characteristics of Irani petrol were better than local petrol.

  54. Guest again says

    Exactly, because in the “PS”, he/she writes “On a serious note”. It means the “note” before it was not serious.

  55. Guest again says

    Sending people to hell is he last resort, not a solution.
    The photograph of above person shows a baby, which makes us guess he is a new father. You heart will also become softer (and reasonable) when you will become a new father.

  56. Barkan Saeed says

    Suzuki has a bigger problem and that is the brand destruction in front of middle class of Pakistan. They should improve their products before it’s too late for them.They can see a sample of that here in the comments or on Facebook

  57. Bil says

    Looser, You should go alongwith PakSuzuki !

  58. Bil says

    They have been fooling us since years and now when theyve been asked not to fool us anymore they threaten us like this? This is badmashi and nthng else.
    PakSuzuki , u can go to hell and burn their forever.
    Mehran,Cultus,Swift,bolan,ravi,WGR thats all what u have for us. Trust me people we wil be better off without these shity models.

  59. Muhammad Adil Mazhar says

    Lol, it really made my day, we really request Pak Suzuki to please GET OUT OF HERE 😀
    Thanks to the writer & PW for the happy news 😉

  60. Abdullah says

    Punjab Govt gave them the taxi scheme…that is y there share is 50%………i wonder y the Pujab Govt gave contract to them????? they could have given it to a new entrants as incentive… to FAW, FIAT, VW. Who took the bribe in Govt of Punjab???????

  61. Abdur Razak says

    Please launch this car in Pakistan….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  62. Zubair says

    Suzuki go to hell with its stupid models

  63. Azeem Waqar says

    Plz get lost

  64. Ali Bin Akhtar says

    Go to hell….

  65. Muhammad Irfan Shaukat says

    We’ll be lucky if that happens, There will be more attraction for new entrants to capture 50% share left by PLEET Suzuki.

  66. M. Usman says

    Well defined. They are just trying to push GOP to revert it’s policy in their favor. They do not have any plans for investment.

  67. M. Usman says

    100% agree.

  68. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Very sarcastic!! 😛

  69. Kashif Akbar says

    my friends, also note the govt. of pakistan is having 50% stake in pak suzuki. its their favorite child and that is the reason suzuki acts like this. its actually son standing against his father. why govt. gives 30,000 cars order to them. remember, if iron is sold at the cost of platinum, who invests for platinum

  70. Sanjay Natarajan says

    The actual price of the car is INR2.59 – 3.59 Lakhs and not 3 – 4 lakhs!

  71. Umair says

    Ja simran ja… Jee la apni zindagi

  72. Muneeb Ahmed says


  73. Junaid says

    We at Pak Suzuki have read all your comments and have came to a conclusion that you Pakistanis do not like us. For that we are taking our best and Euro2 standard Mehran and launch it in Iran as the Suzuki TEHRAN. Then you will see how it will sell like hot cakes there. We have also decided to improve the now Suzuki TEHRAN by removing the existing AC vents as well. Its very dusty in IRAN and as we care about our customers, removing them will mean the interior will be very clean. To make sure the interior remains clean we will also be permanently fixing all the windows so that they cannot be rolled down… We cared about you Pakistanis thinking like this and this is what we get…. we will show you how successful we will be in IRAN by showing the same thinking process there as well….

  74. Shahmir says

    well pakistan doesn’t care about emissions. Volkswagon could be big hit here 😛

  75. adeel says

    Suzuki please leave us, we do not want your shitty cars anymore

  76. Shahzaib Rehman says

    Pak Suzuki Threatens To Move New Investments To Iran??

    Title should rather be like “Pak Suzuki favors Pakistan big time by moving their crap To Iran.”

  77. AUTOS says

    It will be better for Pakistanis if PS can leave this country. They have been confiscating hard earned money of Pakistani middle class for years.

  78. shaf says


  79. Muhammad Asif Fareed says

    Please get lost at earliest. No one cares

  80. Umz says

    As if Iran is dying for Suzuki…. ROFL

  81. prado says

    Good riddance… you are poor excuse for an automotive company

  82. dsdadas says

    Bro who even cares for emmisions , atlest we will get new modles and better compition for honda and toyota,

  83. Yasir says

    Paksuzuki is an embarrassment to the motoring world, we ACTUALLY request you to leave this country, lets boycott their vehicles!

  84. Muhammad Yasir says

    k den

  85. Muhammad Yasir says

    u mad bro ?!
    why all the Hate against Iran :/ ? i never understood. atleast they stand up in USA’s faces , while we cower when the americans come knocking. oh and they were brave enough to hold their own when USA implemented the embargoes and sanctions on them ! Pakistan would have crumbled and seceded back to India had US imposed faintly similar restrictions on us. I , for one , hold them in high regard for standing up to the tyrants and being so resilient , adamant and steadfast even in the worst phases of Adversity. May Pakistan learn from them , one day.
    Even USA lusts for their Oil to be on the Int’l market.

  86. Muhammad Yasir says

    @disqus_ZEXe6ubW1g:disqus , what he said ^

  87. Nayef says

    If this isn’t a form of terrorism I don’t know what is.
    Shame on PakSuzuki !!!!

  88. Lazy Sapper says

    With bad emissions, Volkswagen cars give best fuel average. It’s just the propaganda of west to save the interest of oil companies which are now already going to trash because of extremely cheap fuel and black marketing.

  89. Lazy Sapper says

    What are you rafadi favoring your papa Iran?

  90. waqas says

    Zardari shareef and suzuki are three names of same one thug!


    LOL!!! I love how everything related to Pakistan is a propaganda of the west! But this claim was by far the best one!

  92. Junaid says

    No doubt… Shitzuki is Shitzuki by the way

  93. Get out Suzuki says

    SUZUKI get lost you F**** looters. I bet you will be kicked out from every single country. It was only Pakistan who allowed you to loot us

  94. Get out Suzuki says

    this 3rd class suzuki company’s standard is that they are using summer bond to stick door mirrors. Big shame on you. Just get lost from Pakistan pleaseee

  95. Danial Khan says

    Pak Suzuki please get out from here . And im sure IRAN not allowed world 3rd class company to set plant in iran . And INSHALLAH our government not chance its decision AMEEN ….

  96. Lazy Sapper says

    Many bad happenings in Pakistan are also the work of Randian government. By the way how is cow, snake and monkey worship going?

  97. Guest yet again says

    He did not say low standard because he wanted to badmouth Iran. He said because in his experience, the smuggled petrol sold as Irani Petrol is low standard. You cannot invalidate people’s experiences (though nobody knows what is the real source of the petrol sold to him by the informal name “Irani petrol”. It could as well have been stolen matti ka tail).

    Everybody has their own method of standing up to tyranny. Pakistan has also suffered sanctions but you are young enough to not know any of it. The times of NPT, CTBT, SEATO, CENTO, all the way back to Liaqat Ali Khan. You know USA will punish any country with martial law by economic sanctions. And you must know in history that army in Pakistan has been fond of imposing martial law.

    Pakistan would not have crumbled in any case and would not have seceded to India. It is not easy as you make it sound.

    Recently it has been a reversal of cycle. In the olden days, people used to go to Iran for job. It was a popular destination for expatriation. Then the revolution in Iran came and suddenly Saudi economy rose floating on oil. Before Saudia was on the map of earth, Iran used to be the best friend of USA. Shah-e-Iran Raza Shah Pehelvi had the nickname of “America’s policeman in Asia”.

    Now Saudi economy is back in the dumps and Iran is rising again. Funny how in 70 years everything comes back full circle.

    When Saudia (& Russia) decided to estrange USA by not submitting to their pressure (=tyranny) to increase the price of oil, USA changed its direction and befriended Iran.


    You just proved how stupid you are without me provoking you. First, I did not bring religion in between. You did. I did not talk about my country’s and Pakistan’s relationship. I mentioned about the west which is something you cannot deny. Everything happening to your country, you believe is an action of the west.

    It is not your fault as you are fed all this crap through your own govt. But, I will still hope that an ordinary person of Pakistan is just like any other. He wants peace, a decent life and security and neither my god nor yours want ordinary people to die. Get out on the streets, demand the quality of life you deserve, demand your taxes worth life and security and safety of your children. Until you dont see the fault in yourself, there cant be improvement. Just blaming the west for anything is a symbol of laziness. Dont do that

  99. Rana says

    Believe me in UK, No one knows Suzuki much, Even in Europe and America you guys were no where. Only we Pakistani gave you respect and what you gave us in return was pathetic and piece of trash cars? The amount you guys charge, We can get a good Japanese sedan in same price? So You have not done any favor, Instead we Pakistani gave you favor buying your piece of trashes. But now its enough and we need some good value able companies to come Pakistan. You should be ashamed posting that kind of post when you have Mehran a Khotta Gari offering around? Give us a favor just get lost from our Pakistan so we have people who value us.

  100. kashif284 says


  101. Fouzi Brothers says

    Shame on Pak.Suzuki
    After reading these comments they should go at once but I tell you guys they will not leave because they are earning huge profits by selling trash

  102. ladadada says

    Good thing.let these thieves move out.not as if they were going to do any good anyways

  103. Badar Shehzad says

    That is the problem that we need everything NOW. Its not like you wave a wand and problems get solved. It will take its time, thats why the policy is 5 years long.

  104. Ghayyour says

    I am quite surprised with the childish statement of CEO of Pak Suzuki. totally unprofessional statement. CEO of Pak Suzuki should not be crying like a kid…. “I want another turn otherwise I will not play” … He should know the response of nation. I assure that if Pak Suzuki will leave Pakistan our auto sector will flourish much faster…

  105. Fawad says

    oH Please do so we will be ok with that already Pak Suzuki all lower tier models are 10 years old ,No country in the world is fool enough to buy 10 year old cars

  106. Muhammad Yasir says

    k den

  107. Muhammad Yasir says

    don;t know about history , since there’s so much clash and difference in scholars’ opinions ( i did get an A* in CIE Olevel PST examination :p ) but pretty sure ‘US befriending Iran’ is a v.mistaken notion. only after Iran agreed to back down from making nuclear armaments did usa soften its stance … and even then , it comes as no great surprise that there’s no love lost b/w the two.

    its not a friendship , i tell you , just an uneasy but docile stand-off

  108. Muhammad Yasir says

    oh look , a Jackass !

  109. Waleed Ahmed says

    May be you should think for At-Least a SECOND to Criticize someone without thinking.

    & Please go have a look in the market, it’s pretty much common that the “Irani Tail” is sold as a low price alternative to Ching-chii drivers.

  110. Waleed Ahmed says

    Bhai Mujhay Kiya Lagay, K wo Sahi hai k nai, Pr Yahaan tu Irani Tail tu low quality ka mashoor hai, Pr aap ki baat theek hai K jaisay smuggle hota us tarah sy tu Duniya ka best tail bhi kharaab ho jaiye!

  111. Waleed Ahmed says

    Yea Yea!!! Aghaa Jaa!! It seems like Irani Petroleum personally sends you their oil to you to defend them wherever it’s needed! So Sentimental!!
    Perhaps you should see the NEWS these days & remind them to take care of their soil & kick out some trash from chahbahar that is destroying our Motherland Pakistan.

  112. Waleed Ahmed says

    Thank you for explaining my Point!

  113. mohsin says

    Hi Nikhil, Don’t listen to Lazy_Sapper. He does not represent an average Pakistani. I apologize on his behalf. Hope you don’t mind.

    Hi Lazy_Sapper, Brand worshipping is quite common among us, but you have no match. Do you know that there are many Prius which give better fuel efficiency compared to many VW (read the word ‘many’ again) in the specific category?

    And those who say ‘who cares for emission’, do you know that the fog in Lahore during winter is not fog actually, its called smog which is caused by NOx particles. You do meet many people complaining about bad throat and flu during winter, dont you?

  114. Muhammad Yasir says

    all these flavors and u chose to be salty … i did NOT misbehave . have a better read on what i said.

    i had no intention of enraging you whatsoever but your personalised response is unwarranted and nothing short of an altercation , so mind it.

  115. Muhammad Yasir says

    wth is agha jaa ?!

    maybe this adversity like the one in your head is keeping us held back…. Pakistan could do better without people like you infesting it

  116. Waleed Ahmed says

    So you say anyone mad just like this?? Bravo my Friend! Bravoo!!
    Perhaps you look at your flavour what you said before, I actually up voted some of your posts.

  117. Waleed Ahmed says

    You’re the One actually who started it & more interestingly on someone’s comment & the detaileeddd reply pretty much shows your intentions!!
    Gosh I really pray to Allah to prevent from people like you to mess up on any forum.

  118. Waleed Ahmed says

    You know irani people so well go search yourself!!

    Yea! People like us or people like you?

  119. Waleed Ahmed says

    The adversity was in your head, which you showed in your very first comment, I was just here Joking around with friends of Pakwheels, I didn’t even talked to you, wonder from where you came & started to bite my behind!!! :/

  120. Waleed Ahmed says

    By your posts, It’s extremely doubted about to which country you’re actually Loyal to & in which country you’re born.On one side you’re happy that suzuki is going which is a great news for REAL PAKISTANI & on other side you Support Iran to the best that even bad mouth our country that they supported USA to import sanctins on you, ask you X-President who was sticky on hatred to USA.
    At least I am loyal to my Mother Land Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Not Irani who gave residence to Indian Spies destroyer of our motherland.

  121. Waleed Ahmed says

    & We don’t need to learn from these traitors who are harbouring Indian Spy Leaders to destroy our Motherland…
    Mashaa-Allah & Alhumdulillah PAKARMY is one of the STRONGEST ARMY in the world & a Great Nuclear Program Much safer than Indians.

  122. Guest again says

    Lazy Sapper, do not drag others to your level. You could as well have made your point without converting the name of a country into a slur and also without spewing hate speech against a certain religion.

    Don’t make nasty statements.
    The guy above made his point without crass references to religious practices and without using swear words. What about you?

  123. Muhammad Aamer says

    Kashif Bhai you have won the comments of all on Pak Suzuki.

  124. Muhammad Yasir says

    ok …. this is over reacting

  125. Muhammad Yasir says

    and i also upvoted AND commended you several times :/
    this is awkward….

  126. Muhammad Yasir says

    ok… easy now , come on

  127. Muhammad Yasir says

    meh … i’d rather not go into this.
    loyalty does not matter any more…

  128. Muhammad Yasir says

    agree on the pak army and nuclear points…
    im not sure why on earth would Iran harbor spies IF they were relying on us to provide them economic relief (gas pipeline project ?) from SEAsia side …

  129. Muhammad Yasir says

    come on man … easy now

  130. Muhammad Yasir says

    sorry … i guess :/
    its a meme … dint know it would be taken so badly here.

    P.S and i yours and i EVEN commended ur style of commenting !

  131. Imran Yousaf says

    Please move your shitty Kachran to any where in the world. We will be more than happy cuz govt. decided to keep 5 big guns in auto mobile industry. There are renowned companies who are ready to replace you. FAW is about to realise their product for 1000cc category. Please move. Please.

  132. Abdur Razak says

    Pak Suzuki has also raised the car prices by Rs 10,000 2 days back…WITHOUT ANY REASON……Looters….

  133. AbdulB1 says

    LOL………….. better kick na pak suzuki out of Pakistan. Iranians are very clever people they dont allow foreign manufacturers to dump their substandard goods. And they ask for commitments they dont tolerate lazy, blood sucking behavior opted by these Japanese auto giants in Pakistan. Look at the example of renault , they left Iran in hurry after sanctions but Iranians have asked them to pay fine to get back into Iran.

  134. AbdulB1 says

    that could be one but our own stupid govt placed extra duties on chinese steel. it didn’t made Pakistani steel any cheaper of the Chinese one but placed an extra burden on Pakistani consumer.

  135. AbdulB1 says

    it would be called good riddance.

  136. AbdulB1 says

    suzuki sold in eu is made in india.

  137. AbdulB1 says

    They want to import vehicles from India to Iran that why they want to get there ASAP.

  138. AbdulB1 says

    A central theme of the sanctions concerned restrictions over investments in Iran’s auto industry as well as any form of cooperation with the Iranian automakers.

    Iran is the Middle East’s largest auto market with a population of 80 million who bought 1.1 million cars in 2014.The automobile industry is seen as Iran’s biggest non-oil sector, accounting for nearly 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Iran Khodro and Saipa companies account for more than 90 percent of the total domestic production in Iran.

    in other words Iranians just do joint ventures no 100% one like Pakistanis.

  139. Al-waris Traders says

    Buy FAW V2… Same price of wagon R, and 1300cc fully loaded…Power Pack

  140. Gull khan says

    When pak suzuki shifts to Iran tu iss lag pata jai ga kh 24 saal aik hee model ko kis tarha chlatay hain .
    Iran walay kisi ko hang karnay main dair ni lagatay !
    They r just pressurizing gov of pak.

  141. Salik says

    People buy FAW V2 instead of Wagon R…much cheaper, 2000 times better…..go and check in a show room and u would see yourself……..

  142. Muhammad Rizwan says

    let them go. we don’t need this company here. it has destroyed our money.

  143. Muhammad Rizwan says

    Iran mein kia krein ge ye jahan President 72 model purani gari chalata he. inko keh do jaein idher se ye jaein ge tu koi achi company aegi

  144. Muhammad Rizwan says

    just tell them to go, they will remain in Pakistan. no one accepts such bad company in their country. they can’t go

  145. Muhammad Rizwan says

    and this shehbaz shareef taxi program has paid them for 4000+ carry and 4000+ ravi model .these schemes are giving a huge profit and now new policy is allowing others so they will not be able to sell their scrap here.thats why they are crying

  146. Muhammad Rizwan says

    we want all of them to leave and allow imported cars. because there is no difference in used and new one. they clean and reassemble the japanese used cars and sell it as new in pakistan.

  147. Tayyab Chaudhry says

    Please go away from Pakistan as soon as possible. The Shitzuki offers nothing but crapy decade old models or the ugly Wagon R with lowest grade manufacturing standards. Please get out of this country.

  148. Zeeshan says

    Start making motorbikes and fool ppl …….. you should take yur potential investment to Mars.

  149. kashif284 says

    Thanx Dear for this respect

  150. kashif284 says

    You are right. Pak Suzuki should be pushed to pay more vaiue of hard earning money of customers.

  151. Adnan Khan says

    HahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah PLEASE GET LOST HahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah

  152. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Please leave THIS time and forgive us for buying your sh*tty cars.

  153. Sultan Kiani says

    (Na)Pak Suzuki Namanzoor! But I’m sure people will run a campaign if they try to move out of Pakistan and you’ll see posters behind 3-wheelers “JAANE KI BAATEIN JANEY DO SUZUKI”

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