Porsche ready to electrify its Macan SUV

The best-selling vehicle of the German auto manufacturer Porsche, Macan SUV will be turning into an all-electric version in the next decade.

The popularity of electric vehicles around the globe is undeniable and continues to follow the upward trend. A majority of auto giants have launched their electric versions of cars with a successful response in the market. The electric competition is growing at a rapid pace and auto manufacturers are devising strategies to pave their way to the top of the list. In a similar turn of events, Porsche has finally decided to go all-electric for the very first time with its existing vehicles. To make a debut in the electric sector, the German auto manufacturer has chosen its best-selling existing car, Macan SUV. According to the announcement made by Porsche, the SUV will enter into its all-electric production as early as the next decade.

Porsche Macan outperformed the other vehicles produced by the company including Cayenne SUV and Panamera in 2018 with a sale of nearly 90,000 units. Porsche’s lineup for the electric cars includes Taycan sedan and Cross Turismo. The production of Taycan will start at the end of 2019 which is also the final production version of Porsche’s electric concept mission. Cross Turismo is the crossover version of Taycan which is expected to go into production in 2020. So, Macan SUV turns out to be the third EV of the company’s lineup.

There are not many details revealed by the auto manufacturer related to the electric version of Macan. Out of the least we know, Macan will be sharing the same 800V charging system as used in Taycan and its crossover version, Cross Turismo. This is an important aspect of the upcoming Macan EV as it will offer a fast charging option. At any compatible charging station of Porsche, it will take only 15 minutes to yield nearly 250 miles range on the road. In an important announcement, Porsche said that the next generation of Macan will be fully electric. It also rules out any chances of us seeing even a hybrid version of the SUV in the future. The vehicle will be entirely reimagined as an EV.

It is worthy to mention here that Porsche is already offering hybrid versions of its various cars and further aims to shift half of its vehicles into electric by the year 2025. For the shift in technology, the automaker is investing as much as 6 billion euros by the end of 2022. The addition of electric propulsion technology to the company’s vehicles would definitely benefit the industry in terms of competition.

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