PSCA launched online e-challan portal


On Saturday 20th October 2018, the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) introduced an online portal for E-Challans.

In case of an e-challan issued to anyone, they can now log on to “” and review and print their e-challan after entering their vehicle registration no. and National ID card no.

PSCA has initiated an e-challan system and has issued 87,000 e-challans and have collected Rs 11 million up till now.

Other than this, PSCA has sent a notification to the excise and taxation department regarding 9000 vehicles that need record correction and since the e-challan has come into effect, more than 1000 vehicles have been blacklisted for the fake registration numbers.

While speaking to, the Additional IGP and Managing Director PSCA Mr. Ali Amir Malik told that people will have ten days time period to pay off their challans, and so far 800 e-challans have been paid in Bank of Punjab, which is the only bank receiving e-challans at the moment. Those who don’t pay off their e-challans, their challans will be submitted to the excise record, and they will have to face severe consequences. Their vehicles will be seized, which will only be released after the payment of e-challan. Moreover, in case of paying the token tax or transferring the vehicle to someone else’s name, the violators have to pay the dues first.

For complete details on the e-challan system and how it works:

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Notable Replies

  1. Jis ki car company k naam pr registered h, wo CNIC ki jgah kia type kray?

  2. capsat says:

    E challans are based on vehicle registration number, accessing the portal using the cnic number links it automatically and the payment is processed based on the CNIC & Regn number. The driving licence over that cnic will also get update of traffic violation. At license renewal any pending violation up-paid penalty need to be cleared up as well

    The NADRA CNIC is real CHARM

  3. capsat says:

    also the vehicle will not be allowed for transfer at Excise if there are any pending traffic violation penalties

  4. when a vehicle is registered to an individual the cnic will be linked if it is a leased vehicle or company owned vehicle e-challan will arrive at the address. Payment can be made by anyone without disclosing cnic

    when we jump a traffic light or ticket issued for no-parking violation here in 45-90 minutes the vehicle is flagged at MVR. You can check for violations by accessing MVR portal entering your plate color alpha numeric digits you have choice to clear it online by paying through credit card.

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