Punjab Government to give 100,000 New Cars Under The Orange Cab Scheme

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The Punjab Government is all prepared to disburse 100,000 cars to the unemployed youth of the province under ‘Orange Cab Scheme.’

The Chief Minister expressed his desire to see the framework being established electronically to make it more transparent and restrict any possibility of mismanagement.


Sources report that the orange cab scheme will be launched this year. Previously, Punjab Government launched a yellow cab scheme under the umbrella of ‘Apna Rozgar’ which provided 50,000 cars to unemployed youth of the province and now we might see a surge in the number of cars on the roads of Punjab, courtesy of ‘Orange Cab Scheme’


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  1. Ali says

    Another way to give money to their foot-lickers … giving our tax-payers hard earned money away in stupid schemes .. only a small percentage of these cars will be given to actual deserving .. rest will all be un-deserving frauds and scams .. converting / selling these off afterwards in the market. biggest beneficiary the Pak Shit Crap Suzuki selling their teen-dabba mehraan

  2. Rosh says

    another political bailout for new corruption teachers; the japanese.
    Japanese are most innovative in political corruptions

  3. Sultan Kiani says

    I bet Suzuki Wagoner will be given in orange cab scam, I mean scheme!

  4. JBorne says

    Another drama of show-baz shareef.

  5. IshaqDarMoneyLaunderer says

    Elections are near… and coming nearer each day.

  6. Alauddin Ahmad KHAN says

    Well, in my point of view, it is a good initiative as unemployment rate is high and will get higher, if we do not give employment to our youth. The challenge is how to make it a transparent n fair. The technological procedures n processes can help in a big way and systems are available with Government of the Punjab. I am an optimistic person and pray n wish for a big success to all the stakeholders. Thanks n best wishes, A.A. KHAN

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