This is a real horizontally stretched Suzuki Mehran

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We all know that Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al-Nayhan is a massive car enthusiast, and has some of the most outrageous cars in his collection stored in his museum but there’s one here that has been got our attention after Photographer, Mohammed Saber was invited to view Sheikh’s personal collection in Morocco.

PakWheels has had a few threads where photoshop wizards did all sort of ridiculous experiments on the Mehran but Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan is known to actually do those experiments we do on in photoshop, in real life.

This Mehran or 800 you see here is real. Looks like two Mehrans’ have been joined together to horizontally stretch them into one. Whatever it is, it sure looks somehow, quite awesome.

But, we wonder though, how this modification has affected its resale.


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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    Idea has finally revealed and just waiting how it will looks when our local denter will made one of this kinda shit …lmao

  2. Farhan Hafiz says

    So is it 1600cc now… ????

  3. Arslan says

    R.I.P Mehran.. 😛

  4. Malik Shahid Abbas says


  5. Jawad Ahmed says

    i must say that sheikh has got a stupid taste ……

  6. Amjad Habib says

    Congrats …..u got twins……..Need Accident 2 seperate

  7. Sibghatullah Hamza says

    more like conjoined twins

  8. Mudassar Azam Ghumman says

    haha i was about to tag u on the page 😛

  9. Suhail Ahmed Channa says

    Ohhh Sheikh you MC BC 😛 with mehran….

  10. Omar Farooq Jameel says

    Is this fake? Please post the source.

  11. Muhammad Noor Rana says

    sheikh hamad nay chawal hi marri hay

  12. Obaid Iqbal says

    Looks like an Optical Illusion 😀

  13. Muhammad Khan says

    why does this "sheikh" have a mehran…of all the cars he could horizontally stretch why a mehran? on top of that have this car parked next to a Rolls Royce

  14. Omar Farooq Jameel says

    I think this is fake.

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