A Video Lesson Which Shows Why Road Rage Should Be Avoided At All Costs

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Driving a car or riding a bike on the road comes with great responsibility. No matter if you are on a highway, a motorway or on your neighborhood streets, a careless behavior may result in an unfortunate event. Most of the times driver’s over-confidence is the main cause of an accident. Accidents happen and will keep on happening but a safe behavior and attitude will definitely result in reduction of the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities. Some activities behind the wheel increase the risk of an accident by many folds and it is proven like distracted driving or running a stop light at signal is something that can contribute to many accidents and can be avoided, but most of the times we learn our lessons the hard way.

A fellow blogger explained very nicely in her article about how to tackle road rage. This is also a very dangerous behavior while on the roads. We don’t realize how dangerous it can be to ourselves and others on the road. A few minutes of anger can ruin your or someone else’s life. Road rage is a growing problem on our roads. Remember you can’t control other drivers’ questionable behavior but at least you can control yours when you are getting in a confrontation with him/her. Always analyze your driving behavior as well and see if you are becoming a cause of a road rage yourself.

Few simple examples of road rage are driving too slow in fast lane, causing someone to start tailgating you, start tailgating someone yourself, changing lanes abruptly in rage, flashing excessive headlights or honking restlessly at someone while overtaking them, and the list goes on. Experts say that most of the time anger at wheel is related to driver’s own mood.

I came across a very good example today when I read a news about a dash cam video. The content of the video itself can’t be praised but at least it will give you a decent idea how a minor incident can turn into a disaster in few seconds. A dash-cam video has surfaced recently which shows a a pickup truck on a highway going as per the speed limits trying to overtake a trailer. Then suddenly a wild Chevy Camaro came from nowhere and tried to sneak into the space between the pickup truck and the trailer from the wrong side. It looks like the impatient Camaro driver wanted to bypass everyone on the road no matter how he do it.

The pickup truck driver started moving parallel to the truck and that is the time when both drivers are now at the peak of their road rage. The Camaro wants to overtake but the pickup truck doesn’t let him. Moments later, the Camaro lost control while trying to overtake from the shoulder and crashed, first, into the pickup and later into the trailer, in the right lane. All this was recorded by a driver’s dash-cam driving at the rear of the jumble.  All this could have been avoided if any of the drivers involved had controlled his anger and ego.  According to the driver who recorded the incident, no one was hurt but this could have been worse. Remember kids, luck doesn’t strike everyday.

Please watch the video as this is exactly what we see or get involved ourselves. Please drive safe and try to be patient once you are on road and behind the wheel. Never ever let your anger control you.

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  1. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says

    Sometimes I get mad when someone drives badly but it is better not to let the other person’s driving annoy you. You may damage your car or hurt yourself

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