Rolls Royce Phantom worth 290,000 $ terribly abused and left to rot

You may feel a bit of anger, rage, and quite a huge amount of profanities after looking at what the owner did this to ultimate form of luxury in vehicular transport. According to the video and its uploader, the owner ran out of money to pay for the car, and also ran out to maintain it and then he ran out of interest or respect for the car and eventually, also ran out of patience and maybe, just maybe decided to vent his anger on the car by not being able to pay for it.

You can probably imagine how the owner kept this car after seeing that he replaced the original umbrella, which comes hidden in the rear door of a Phantom, with a spiderman umbrella which was broken as well like the rest of the car.

According to the people who have recovered this car from the owner after the bank asked them to do so, they found out that this is 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom with 95,000 kms on the odometer. The car had originally been for 290,000 US $ (give or take a bit), is now worth just $ 40,000. That’s say that this car is totally scrap now.

It is just hard to find words to tell how we feel about what’s been done to this car as the light for everything is on, gas, abs, suspension parts are missing, and so on.

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