Sharp decline in profits of Pak Suzuki

Pak Suzuki Increases Prices of its Cars Amidst Falling Profit Margins

Pak Suzuki has posted its profits for the quarter that ended on March 31, 2018, and by looking at the figures it is not great at all. According to the data posted by the company, it attained the profit PKR 904.14 million in the said period. If compared the profits with the same period of the corresponding year then there is a 31 percent decrease in profits of the company.

It acquired a profit of PKR 1.30 billion in the same quarter in 2017. The Earnings per share has also declined to PKR 10.99 from PKR 15.88, which is indeed worrisome. Moreover, the gross profit of the company on YoY has also dropped by 10 percent. It is worth mentioning here that Pak Suzuki’s overall net sales are up by 31.9 percent.

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Aside from Pak Suzuki, Hascol has also posted their profits for the year 2017, and it looks quite promising. According to the notice, which the company sent to Pakistan Stock Exchange, it earned PKR 1.32 billion in profit, which has gone up by 10 percent compared to its preceding year.

Furthermore, Attock Petroleum has earned PKR 1.45 billion, which shows the net profit has gone up by 21 percent as compared to Q3 of the fiscal year 2017. The company earned PKR 1.20 billion in Q3 of 2017.

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  1. Abi to party shuru hoi hai.
    Aagey aagey dekhye hota hai kya.

  2. honda and jdms has basically eaten up a lot of their was a surprise for me to see that honda has even started eating up toyota in that should start ringing sirens for is roght now number one car company in pakistan....thanks to pakwheels most fuel efficient car survey....

  3. lets hope they close down , they are producing junk cars and looting the customers by selling in the black market

  4. Closing down is not at all a good option. This should wake up the company to improve and increase their products while keeping prices low. And yes imports from Japan have hurt PakSuzuki, it seems. I hope they learn some lesson from this.

  5. i would have loved to hear this news but its not that delightful, profits are down but sales are on the rise, which means that they are selling more of those cars in which they have lesser profit margin, I read the whole report it shows that they sold more cultus and wagon R rather than more mehran and swift, the report tried to explain that due to less localization of cultus and wogon R , the profit margin is lower than that of Swift and mehran, I dont like this data,it doesnt make sense, cultus and wagon R are extremely overpriced shits, how can the profit margin be low...

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