SsangYong Tivoli Spotted Testing in Pakistan!

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Back in August, PakWheels published an article, which revealed the plans of Dewan Farooque Motors to make a return as an automotive manufacturer in Pakistan, after many years of silence. In that article, it was mentioned that Dewan Farooque Motors has expressed its interest in locally producing cars of Daehan, SsangYong and KIA to the Board of Investment (BOI) and Engineering Development Board (EDB).

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Now after just forty or so days, we can see those reports taking shape, as a fellow Community Member has spotted a mule being tested in Karachi, which appears to be a SsangYong Tivoli.

Tivoli Mule Shots
SsangYong Tivoli Leaked in Pakistan

To start off, Tivoli is a subcompact crossover, which first launched in 2015. It is among SsangYong’s latest product offerings. As of now, its assembly only takes place in South Korea but seeing Dewan’s seriousness in coming back as an “auto-manufacturer” and the Auto Development Policy of 2016-21, encouraging new auto brands, Tivoli’s production in Pakistan may not be out of the question. Under the hood, Tivoli across the globe, is available with an option of either petrol or a diesel 1.6-liter engine mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed AISIN automatic transmission.

Tivoli Ssangyong Rear

SsangYong, which was operated by Ghandhara Industries Limited, has been a part of Pakistani automotive circle in the past, without much commercial success with cars like the Rexton and Stavic. Seeing the past failure of SsangYong in Pakistan, it will be interesting to see how it performs on its return under a brand new joint venture.

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Tivoli Front

To wrap up, I think if Dewan Farooque Motors could somehow manage to launch Tivoli with a price tag of under PKR 2 million, it has what it takes to disrupt the current stakeholders of that price bracket! What is your take on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sanjay Natarajan says

    I seriously doubt about ssangyong because it is owned by the Indian car maker Mahindra. Considering the prevailing situations between the two neighbours, the chances are quite bleak.
    Hope the situation gets better!

  2. Sultan Kiani says

    The chances are high after you spot a test mule, lets hope for the best!

  3. Sultan Kiani says

    Please ask your member how did the engine sound? Is it vewy vewy quiiit or sounds more like a diesel?

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    How would a test mule be cruising the roads of Pakistan then

  5. Sarosh says

    It will be a complete failure, people in Pakistan don’t like unbranded stuff. It can never taker over the likes of Toyota Honda suzuki. Spare parts would be a problem and finding a mecahnic even worse. The big three should increase their vehicle line up. New brands are not required as Pakistan is not a developed country. If it’s around 1.2 million then it might work because for a car without a trunk no one would pay more then this.

  6. Sanjay Natarajan says

    If it finds its way to Pakistan, then I’m happy too…Let’s hope for the best!!

  7. Sanjay Natarajan says

    If that happens, then I’m happy too… 🙂

  8. Qasim Alvi says

    You know everyone in pakistan is always excited about new cars brand/model in Pakistan when looking at the features off internet. But when it comes here half of them are gone and the price is 2X due to customs. Just a example to make here is … a new merc CLA is a 3Mil PKR car in the world where as in pak .. nevermind!

  9. Shafiq says

    In India base Model 2016 Retail price is 9 Lacks (1575346.76 Pak Rupee) where as Top Modle in 13 (2047950.78 Pak Rupee) now include kickbacks for corrupt Leaders & bureaucrats also Having in view small market as compare to India.
    if base model is introduced with price tag of 20 Lacks it can be success here

  10. Sultan Kiani says

    Yes, you’re right. You can buy 2 Tivoli in the price of one BMW X1!

  11. Sultan Kiani says

    It would be manufactured in Pakistan, price won’t be that high.

  12. Sultan Kiani says

    So you’re trying to prove that India is much more developed country than Pakistan. Other than Suzuki and local brands, they have Nissan, Skoda, Renault, VW and Fiat. And this is a crossover, if Pakistanis can buy a Honda Vezel for 3 Million + then they would definitely buy it for 1.5 – 20 M.

    Even if the big three launch new cars, they would be very expensive with worst quality, take Coure, Swift and Wagoner as an example.

  13. Qasim Alvi says

    All expensive parts are imported and lux custom s paid … Today Honda Civic Costs 19K USD if taxes are not paid to gov… ! Believe me!

  14. Sanjay Natarajan says

    I’m sorry but I would like to clarify that this model was never on sale in India.

  15. Analyist says

    Pakistan’s auto market is psycho oriented . People here stuck to Honda , Toyota and Suzuki , and Think these are the only companies which can build cars others cannot… it is more important that SsangYong, FAW , Nissan and other new Companies should have COMBINED AUTO SHOWS in Big Cities of Pakistan, Only this is a way these companies can break up the psycho chains of BIG-3 on people of Pakistan, Else neither FAW alone, nor Nissan alone or SsangYong can succeed in Market… They should arrange COMBINED AUTO SHOWS to firm their feet in Pakistani Auto Market…. This is because in Past many companies came and left like KIA , CHERRY , …etc… When a Compnay left’s a country, people consider its cars worthless……

  16. Guest says

    Auto shows do not sell cars.

    Marketing strategy does. And the marketing strategy of all car sellers in Pakistan has been pathetic.

    They have failed due to their own stupidity, not due to the customers’ stupidity.

  17. Muhammad Ahmad Malik says

    There are very few SUV options in Pakistan and most of them are not worth it. SUVs production and import should be increased in Pakistan. We want to see brands other than toyota , toyota SUVs are very expensive and are unaffordable for most of the buyers. Really looking forward to see this quiet good looking SUV in Pakistan with an affordable price. Thumbs up (Y)

  18. Muhammad Yasir says

    i hope your words hold true 🙂

  19. Muhammad Yasir says

    oh come onnn !

    money trumps all (no pun intended)

    we all know what these wars are inspired by … in short , just understand that money talks and all the stupid wars and killings , just to fund some lobby or the other.

    people should get united and lynch the leaders. honestly, its the leaders getting soldiers killed for sake of rich stakeholders , nothing more…

    please supply cheap cars to us. i would be very interested in university student – affordable cars !

  20. Muhammad Yasir says

    under 2 million would be a BEAST price !

  21. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Sure I would supply cars if I were the CEO of mahindra 😛

  22. Muhammad Yasir says


  23. Guest again says

    Small 4-doors SUVs are the need of the day. Cue the Toyota Cami and Pajero Pinin of the world!

  24. Guest again says

    Tivoli sounds similar to Tripoli.

  25. Alias Neo says

    Why the hell Pakistan launching an Indian made car. Ssangyong in owned by Mahindra & Mahindra group of India.. Google it..

  26. Ibne Mehmood says


    Dear Everyone,

    Kindly let me know when they are officially launching it?

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