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formula 1

The Need For Speed – Formula 1

The spirit of competition brings out the best in people on most occasions in life. The hunger for winning & building a lasting legacy epitomizes the element of competition ingr...


2013 Nissan GT-R

Yet again, Nissan has introduced a more revived and upgraded model of the legendary GT-R. No, they haven’t done any exterior cosmetic upgrades yet. But, they have surely have...

Rolls Royce GeneticCode

What else do you know about Rolls-Royce?

Let’s talk about wonderful realities around Ghosts and Phantoms by Rolls Royce. Once Nostradamus said, “From Albion’s shore shall come a marvelous conveyance, a carriage sili...


“The New Toys on the Road”

In examining the economic environment of today it comes as a surprise to see the fleet of luxury cars flaunting the streets of Karachi & other metros of Pakistan. Pakistan is c...

Honda S3000 1

Honda enthusiasts dream up S3000

We all miss the good looking, fun, naturally aspirated, RWD, high revving, affordable sports cars made by Honda called the S2000. I yearn to have one because it could rev to the mo...