This is why you shouldn’t play with a lighter while refueling your car at the petrol pump

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There are many safety notices stickered around petrol pumps for everyone’s safety including ours. It is not a rare sight to see people ignore those safety notices as they continue to chat on their mobiles phones and in some cases, not turn their engine off but the most hazardous thing for playing with matchbox or a lighter is so far not come to our eyes but if you plan on ignoring the safety warning and decide to play with the lighter, watch this video before you do it.

Although Petrol is mixed with chemicals which avoid the fuel from going into flames but that doesn’t mean petrol is in anyway become inflammable. Meet this guy from Australia who just thought to check whether or not his cigarette lighter was working while refueling his car as probably a pass time activity. A small flame popped up with the first flick of the flint, and the fumes from the gushing gas pump quickly followed suit.

The guy simply panicked as he saw fire getting blown up and took the time to hop his open car door instead of simply closing it, and sprinted right past a clearly visible fire extinguisher in an attempt to save his own skin. Fortunately, the station operator had the presence of mind to shut down the pump, and a bystander took it upon himself to douse the flames with water. Authorities say everyone involved was only seconds away from being turning into ashes.

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