So I Took My 2015, 1300 KMS Driven Suzuki Mehran For Its First Service

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Before we get started, let me make it clear, the car is a company car, and not owned by my family. So there’s no reason for you to go mad and utter stuff like, “Mehran logay to aisay hi hoga“; “Why would you even buy a Mehran!“; “Pak Suzuki ko keeray parein..“. No, let’s not do that to even those who bought it and rather talk about the consumer experience.

With that out of the way, the first service of Suzuki Mehran 2015 was due as it crossed into 1300 kilometers, but from Day 1, following items were not working on the zero-meter Mehran:

1. Hatch lock: Yes, it mostly didn’t work since new but some times, it did too so I didn’t even bother to check whether it is locked or not.

2. Self-cancelling indicators: I inquired from the service specialist whether Mehran came equipped with them or not, well they did and they weren’t just working from day one. There were hints that the mechanism was simply not fitted together as the indicators flickered.

3. Fuel tank gauge: We filled up to 500 rupees worth of petrol for the drive from the dealership in Saddar, Karachi, to office and to home, which amounts to 30 kms of drive in total and the fuel gauge showed empty as we parked the car in home. Normally, Mehran does have a good mileage, not the mileage which modern small cars have but it’s good. So either something was wrong with the car or the gauge wasn’t working and it was the latter, thankfully. I disclosed the entire experience with the service rep while handing the car over who with his paan ki peek colored teeth was like, “Koi masla nahi hay, bus screw dheela hogaya hoga, woh hojayega tight“.

4. The service representative felt radiator fan was “direct”, though it did not to me, but anyways, I entrusted the car to him and left.

And amazingly, I turned out to be the lucky one.

I handed the car over around 10.45 AM  and I was told that I should expect to receive it around 4-5 PM and I pleaded to the service rep to try and give it to me soon, or at least give me a call when it’s done! I called up to inquire about its status and it turned out that the car was ready well before 4 PM.

Mehran first service, car delivery update:

1. Indicators self-cancel now.

2. I have grease on my hands because mechanics didn’t clean the car after working on the car. Even though the car was serviced very well.

3. Hatch lock fixed.

4. Fuel gauge fixed.

5. Clutch was making some noises, so they adjusted that as well. And I got to know that the new Mehran’s clutch faces failure within the few couple of thousand kilometers. No such experience for me yet thankfully.

6. There was no one to deliver the car to me, or tell me what has been done in the first service update and after standing beside the car for a while, a technician who worked on the car came forward and generously explained that all the errors have been fixed. Then the service rep came and to whom I asked what did you do as part of the first service and I guess he was just a busy man so I left.

7. However, this is Suzuki, everything can’t be right. It just can’t be right. I just noticed after coming on a long stretch of road that the steering is out of alignment.

I try hard not to make it sound like I am against Suzuki or something, but frankly, Suzuki doesn’t try either….

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  1. shahid says

    You look like choosni

  2. Atif says

    From day 1, these cars have various manufacturing defects in them. Quality has gone down a lot since the passage of time.

    It’s being made in the country for over 25 years (since 1988) yet the only change we have witnessed is reduction in quality. This car was pulled out of Japanese and European markets in 1988 yet it is still being sold in Pakistan. If you remember old Mehran models had side air conditioning blowers which had been removed.

    Honestly, this car has caused technological stagnation of the whole industry yet the government of Pakistan and Engineering Development Board consistently praises Paksuzuki for production of modern quality vehicles (I mean seriously … :/ )

    Funny part, whenever Paksuzuki officials are questioned about quality and safety they don’t even have an answer and try to change the subject. PakSuzuki General Manager Marketing Azam Mirza in a response to a media’s question about lack of airbags in Suzuki vehicles in front of other people avoided the question altogether and responded “we provide seat belts”. (during launch of wagonr)

    I feel this company is only in Pakistan for exploitation and violation of consumer rights. Their sole purpose is to send as much profits back to Japan without investing anything in Pakistan. Their profits have increased tremendously this year.

    They have played a major role in promoting anti-consumer practices in the auto industry. Now Honda Atlas has taken influence from them and is not interested in releasing new model of city as well. The way things are going consumer will have to suffer more while Paksuzuki will rejoice.

    The only hope is if some honest and non-corrupt policy makers are put in charge of the auto policy.

  3. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    bohat alaa bhai jaan …. mujhe lagta hai aap jin logoun ko takhleeq kartay houngay unhain choosni jaisa nahin banatay houngay, kyun sahi kaha na ?

  4. Mansoor Qazi says

    I am not surprised at all with what you have mentioned about suzuki but I don’t understand people’s preferences and choices. No doubt , we have these morons ruling our country and making policies to favor their pockets.

  5. Guest says

    Can leave him or her alone.
    Some people always find ways to bash others, specially on physical appearance.
    They must learn that physical appearance is nothing, it is the heart which should be good.

  6. Omar Anis says

    Your positive, mature and factual reporting was a pleasure to read. Indeed Suzuki service Centre visit is an unsatisfying experience, indifferent service reps and casual mechanics reflects a poorly organized setup. My experience in islamabad aabpara and I -10 workshops left me frustrated too.

  7. asad says

    I guess every employee of suzuki will read this article.. so SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE for producing mehran. Daku log

  8. Atif says

    i know but these guys don’t care about consumers. They are the government of Pakistan’s extra protected Japanese baby. Their only purpose is to pump large amounts of money into Japanese economy by selling 1980’s era vehicles obsolete vehicles without any safety features. Profits are sent back to their parent company in Japan.

    Paksuzuki has always protested against model replacements, emission standards, safety standards, and new assemblers. I seriously hate this company. Once even a Paksuzuki affiliated person admitted to me that quality of vehicles is going down with time no doubt.

    Paksuzuki is against consumer interests.

  9. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Brother it was a reply to an idiot who had something bad ….

  10. Awes Ahmed Khan A S S Hole says

    Awes Ahmed Khan you are a J A C K A S S LOL

  11. Awes Ahmed Khan A S S Hole says

    You are Jack A S S Awes Ahmed and you Stink

  12. Umar Pal says

    Its an unfortunate excuse for a car and unfortunately being the cheapest amongst the existing lot of local cars companies provide them. As far as perfomance goes, let me share my experience. After careful observation I have deduced that mehran does not give more than 12-13 kmpl average within city in AC. This number has been tried and tested amongst various mehran’s of my collegues who have been provided mehran. Second most disturbing observation is that Mehran engine literally suffocates on AC, its like it isn’t meant to be driven on AC, I have seen mehran choke on several occasions in AC. They are driven on petrol and their model range from 2013-2015.

  13. Faizan says

    same happens every where….. this is not because this is Pakistan, This is because we are Pakistani……… Pakistan is a best place of land in world, But 80 percent Pakistanis’s are Muslims, but not act like Muslims….

  14. Khurram says

    But people still prefer to buy it, because of cheap maintenance. Even my father is planning on buying it so that my brother practise and better his car driving skill on it.

  15. وجاہت علی says

    ok let me tell u couple of more problems

    – ur fuel gauge will not be mended
    – after a while (if u dont care about it) ur fuel tank will be compressed
    – if u tend to play with ur back door its lock will broke n dealership / paksuzuki will not give any warranty
    – oh ur front brakes will judder soon
    – front or rear bearings will be finished soon
    – the hifi tape will also broke
    – and how can i forget about water coming inside the vehicle


  16. Masroor Gilani says

    I too have got one 2013 Euro II car at home. I bought it as a stand by car and it was initially meant for the wife and kids to learn driving as we lived in a newly built society where only house was ours so all the nice empty roads were ours for the training purpose.

    Apart from inaccurate fuel, temp gauges, low meter light and high beam light sometimes working, hard clutch cable which was replaced at 2000 kms and all those squeaks. It has largely been fine and so far driven 16,000 kms giving 17 km/l in city drive.

    It did not disappoint me at all while going on several intercity journeys via motorway in summer and not a single fault I have faced during all this time.

    So far have not yet even opened radiator cap and occasionally fill water in reservoir bottle.

    It has got good AC and does not suffocate the engine and it has become my daily ride while changing my primary car, that is Corolla for three, four months each year since 2015. It saved me from hundreds of thousand rupees of own 🙂

    Overall it is a work horse, though not comfortable at all.

    I bought it from Suzuki Central Motors, Soan, GT Road, Rawalpindi and I was surprised at the good service and parts rates here. Mechanics are good and understanding and always come up with solution. I always feel comfortable going there for periodic maintenance.

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