Toyota Aqua Buyer’s Guide



One car that has been getting traction lately in our used car market is Toyota Aqua. Toyota Aqua is also known as Prius c where ‘c’ stands for city. It is a front wheel driver five-door full hybrid hatchback car and basically combines the size of Toyota Vitz and hybrid powertrain of the Prius. Being a smaller car, the car has better fuel efficiency than the regular Prius and has been priced lower as well. In 2012, the car won the most fuel efficient compact car award by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Toyota Aqua was revealed at Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 and later in 2012 in North America. After its launch in Japan, the Aqua went straight to number 2 spot with the sales of 266,567 units. It is considered as the most successful nameplate in last twenty years in Japan. Toyota Wish is placed as third most successful.

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Toyota Aqua’s nearest competitor in Pakistan is Honda Fit Hybrid. The 2010-11 hybrid Fit had a simple hybrid which relies heavily on its combustion engine. Whereas Aqua comes with a full hybrid. Full hybrid means it can either run on internal combustion engine, just the electric motor or both. The Aqua comes with a lighter version of the hybrid system from its elder cousin Prius. Toyota reported the fuel average of 35.4 km/l. But considering it is from the automaker itself, the average should be taken with a pinch of salt. Realistically, the car is reported to give 27-28 km/l. Some owners have claimed the car gives 30 km/l as well.

Here are the measurements of the Aqua:

  • Length 3995 mm
  • Width 1695 mm
  • Height 1445 mm
  • Weight 1080 kg

It’s a light weight car hence when combined with its hybrid technology, it gives impressive car mileage. The Aqua comes with a 1NZ-FXE engine. It is a 1496 cc, water-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams. The engine is rated at around 72 BHP. Combined power is rated at 98 BHP. The electric motor on its own makes around 60 BHP.

It comes in following three variants:

  • S
  • L
  • G

S is the lowest in the line whereas G is top of the line. G comes with fog lights, push start button, automatic climate control, and DVD reverse cam among few other options.

You will find as new as 2015 model of Aqua in the market and as old as 2010 model. You can find a top of the line 2014 G variant for 25 to 27 lacs, depending on the overall condition and auction grade as well.

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Older Aqua cars, from 2010 to 2012 are usually available from 15 to 18 lacs. I am including all three variants in this range. Otherwise, 2012 G Aqua is, of course, going to be slightly more expensive than 2012 S Aqua if the condition of both cars is the same. Also, keep in mind the price various from city to city as well. Typically a small car in Islamabad will be around Rs 50000 expensive than the same car in Karachi.

If you want some other small hybrid hatchback, Honda Fit Hybrid is your best bet. You can find a top of the line of the same model as of Aqua 2 to 3 lacs cheaper. You can find a 2014 Fit Hybrid for 20 lacs.

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid

One thing is for sure, Aqua has cramped rear leg space. If you are 6-foot tall or above, you will have a difficult time sitting in the back for a long period of time. Following are the photos I took today. It is a 2012 model S variant that was imported in 2015. The grade was 3.5 and asking price was a little over 17 lacs.

The verdict, it is a nice looking car, but I think it’s a bit overpriced. Personally, I can’t comment on the ride and drive quality of the car, but if you own one, please do share how have you find it in the comments section below. Happy motoring!


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  • Ammar

    ‘Personally, I can’t comment on the ride and drive quality of the car’

    Good thing you’re writing a buyers guide then isn’t it?

  • Bilal Chaudhry

    ‘L’ Is the starting trim level & lowest whereas ‘S’ comes after L before G in the middle. Did you just guess that? As you wrote it twice so that isn’t a typing error…

  • Bilal Chaudhry

    Most noticable difference is the dashboard color in all variations 2 tone black and Grey in S whereas full black in L
    Also seats in S are much better then L. I believe seats in L comes straight from Toyota Vitz.

  • obaid

    For 20-25 lac rather buy a new car.

  • Faisal

    Hi please also post an article for understanding honda fit hybrid, its variants, power, fuel economy etc

  • Uzair Naveed Sheikh

    Dear writer S is not the least package. L is the lowest package and there is no 2010 model as this car was launched in 2012

  • Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq

    so don’t get an aqua but get a honda fit?……………advertisement done right .. XD

  • Guest

    I’m 6’1″. And I can easily fit in the backseat with the front seat in my driving position. Comparing it with the Honda City it has, in my opinion, identical leg room. The city is only wider so the seat in that regard is roomier. However the aqua is much more comfortable. The front seats and the ride quality is better in comparison. The suspension is a lot softer. The acceleration is also much better than the city. Also the S has push start and DVD reverse cam and climate control. The only things G has is multimedia controls on the steering wheel and fog lamps as far as I know. A 2012 grade 4.5 Aqua S cost us 1840000 (with registration). Which we picked over the Aspire 1.5 Prosmatec. And I would say it was the right decision.

  • guest2

    how can a non hatch back be compared to a hatchback car . there is no comparison between them. in terms of road grip city will be lot better on turns…

  • Abdullah

    u can get a Honda Vezel for 28 Lacs in Karachi…..y buy this small car for 25 lacs????? waste of money….Not a famliy car…..good for bachelors and small families without kids…

  • Guest

    It can be compared with a sedan when they are around the same price and boot capacity isn’t an issue rather comfort and fuel economy are. And yes the city does handle better in turns. Soft suspension doesn’t help toyota in that regard.

  • Ehsan Khan

    I own a 2012 aqua s. I have personally achieved 36 kms/ liter on two occasions. Road grip is very good. Rear legroom is adequate though not generous. Acceleration is good. Ground clearance could be a bit better. Overall a nice car with exceptional fuel economy.

  • Hassaan

    Why would you say it is for families without kids??? I think it has back seats as well… not a two door mini…

  • Hassaan

    there must be typo cuz he himself mentioned below:
    “Toyota Aqua was revealed at Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 and later in 2012 in North America.”

  • Faheem Abbas

    I have been using aqua g 2012 model, since February 2015. if i drive it on motorway at the speed of 110-140, than it gives me average fuel consumption of 20km/l. but i drive at the speed less than 80km/h than i can achieve average fuel consumption i.e. 26-28km/l maximum. i dont think any aqua or prious can run at the average fuel consumption of 35km/l or above.

  • Awais

    From which location in Rawalpindi/Islamabad spare parts are available for toyota aqua, secondly have any one found good mechanic for hybrid car in Rawalpindi/Islamabad area? Third do toyota indus entertain aqua owners (estimate cost in general)?