Toyota Indus Offers Free Car Sanitization, AC Service

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Toyota Indus Motors has presented another great offer for its users. In a statement, the company said it would provide free car sanitization and AC checkup to every customer, who will avail any service at its dealership.

The company said it wants to ensure cleanliness of the car along with proper working of AC during this summer heat.

The company has introduced a  special form to set an appointment for these unique services.

Purpose of Offer:

 Toyota Indus said it wants to give its customers a homely feeling. “We will sanitize your car, just like you clean your home,” the company said.

The car manufacturers also stated that this step would lead to the peace of mind of its customers because they will drive a clean car, with AC working perfectly. This will enhance their driving experience. 

Furthermore, the company ensured that it would use CDC approved products for authenticity and professional service. In its statement, Indus Motors said it would assist all vehicles regardless of the brand, which means no matter which car you have, you can just go to Toyota dealership, avail any of their services and get your vehicle cleaned and cool.

Sanitization experts will clean your car thoroughly, guaranteeing a germ, dust, and trash free vehicle, with fresh and uninterrupted AC air throw.

This offer will surely increase customers’ confidence in the company because they will get a spotless vehicle without any charge, with all AC issues removed.

Extended Warranty Offer: 

Earlier, Toyota Pakistan came up with three exciting extended warranty packages on all Corolla and Yaris variants. The packages are being offered after three years/100,000 Kilometres of built-in warranty of the vehicle.

The company offered three packages, i.e., Premium, Comprehensive, and Basic Limited Extended warranty.

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