Toyota Prius GS: An Undiscovered Variant

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The Toyota Prius has been an immensely popular car in the western world since 1997. Toyota Prius was the first ever hybrid car brought in the western market and within no time, it gained enormous sales volume. Just like the western world, Prius made its way to the Pakistani market in around 2010 and has become one of the common occurrences on the roads of Pakistan. The 2011-2014 models of Prius came in many different variants among which is Prius GS (also known as Prius G Sports). Here’s how it differs from the conventional models of Prius.1






6The interior gives a quite roomy and sporty feel as compared to other variants of Prius. The steering wheel is covered with a leather cover, threaded with a red string. Likewise, the seats are covered with grained black fiber threaded with a red string. The red outline with a plush black interior is the basic auxiliary in this variant of Prius. Other add-ons in the interior include red outlined carpeted mats and a swanky gear knob. However, the 2014 model of Prius Gs comes with a buttoned gear shifter.


The exterior of Prius Gs is slightly different from the conventional models of Prius 2011-2014. Metallic gray low profiled alloy rims are embedded with a ‘Gs’ monogram in the middle. Moreover, the layout of bumpers adds to the beauty of this variant. The front bumper is large enough and accommodates the space for the front grill. Apart from fog lamps, the front bumper is equipped with emergency lamps and LED strips. However, the rear bumper comes with a body kit extension. The rear lights add a touch of black tint as well.

The reason why it did not gain popularity:
Despite enormous sales potential, Prius Gs did not get sufficient popularity due to the high asking price. As of February 2017, the asking price of Prius Gs 2013 is around PKR 2,700,000. However, for the 2014 model, the asking price goes up to PKR 2,900,000. Adding the cost of registration, a 2013 Prius Gs costs around 3 million rupees. And when it comes to a price tag of 3 million, Vezel and Honda Civic Turbo are strong competitors to kill the sales potential of Prius Gs.


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