Toyota’s New Recall Can Effect Imported Prius in Pakistan

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Following stricter measures concerning vehicle quality, Toyota will now recall over 2.87 million cars because of possibly faulty emission control units. The announcement comes just one day after Toyota announced on Tuesday that 1.43 million of its cars required repairs to their airbag inflators, which fall under the Takata Recall. Toyota’s problems managing the Takata Airbag Recall were further intensified when last month they started a recall of around three thousand 2015 Yaris.

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Toyota Emission Control Unit Recall
Toyota’s Recalls this Year

Which cars have been affected?

The new recall for faulty emission control units include Prius, Auris and Corolla produced between the years 2006 and 2015.

Do you need to worry?

Faulty emission control units are likely to receive cracks which in future can lead to fuel leakage. Currently, the global impact of this recall is unknown. However, it is safe to assume that this recall can have some effect on Prius in Pakistan imported from Japan. Since, Toyota only produces Prius in three plants worldwide out of which two are in Japan which manufacture Prius 2015 for Japanese, South Asian, European and American markets, so if the problem has been discovered in US Prius, the same issue can emerge in Japanese imports to Pakistan.

What is your point of view regarding this recall? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Waleed Ahmed says

    Hmm! Well one thing is for sure that JDM prius in Pakistan isn’t going to be re-called! :/

  2. KK says

    Why should it be recalled in Pakistan. They should go to Japan and claim it. Because they bought it from there not from Toyota Pakistan.

  3. Haroon Rashid says

    hahaha, keep talking, Toyota Indus motors has not been able to sell a single unit since it’s launch. Mr. writer do your research before publishing an article.

  4. muzaffar ansari says

    I think there wont be any effect on sale of Prius in Pakistan. Just analyze how Pakistanis buy Poor standard Suzuki and Toyota vehicles manufactured in Pakistan having no airbags and no safety standards. They wont bother whats happening to Prius in whole world

  5. Guest says

    Mr Writer is talking about used JDMs belonging to model years 2006-2015.

  6. Guest says

    No-one values human life here.

    In fact it is our national culture to arrange for/cater for/wait for a tragedy. It is a common observation that we derive personal (or national) gratification from public suffering, whether it be bomb blasts, terrorist attacks on schools/markets, police torture, extra-judicial killings, missing persons case, traffic accidents or individual harassment like eve-teasing. We actually want those tragic events to continue so that we have more and more opportunities to feel sympathetic, soft-hearted and teary-eyed again & again.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    abey bhai Japanese imports ki baat karaha hai woh.

  8. Muhammad Rizwan says

    I think recalls work if we buy car through company dealership. most of used vehicle in our country are imported and used. and we are the people that don’t care about safety. we only want chaska

  9. Haroon Rashid says

    to bhai Indus motors ne bhi import he ki hain

  10. Haroon Rashid says

    Even then it does not make any sense. Cars being imported into Pakistan are from their junkyard and refurbished to feel like new.

  11. Muhammad R. Abdullah says

    Haha agreed to Rizwan. They people who can drive mehran they don’t care about such recalls. They’re living “thug life”

  12. Syed Ainul Hadi says

    International companies do not want their image under a cloud. Toyota will respond if we approach it even through Indus Motors. Unfortunately our accidents are never investigated professionally so we never know what was the actual cause or the OEM is responsible for any failure. Our attitude that all is fate so nothing can be done about it, adds to the problem. All PRIUS cars imported in Pakistan are from this time band and so deserve to be looked at. Suggest Pakwheels should take the lead and ask Indus for a further action advice.

  13. khan says

    actually the Toyota dealership get paid for every repair they make on recall so if Indus
    do a repair on recall they make money ,Toyota pays for every thing , and yes all recall
    are suppose to be fix by Toyota dealership regardless of where and how it was purchased ,if you own a recall car Toyota will fix it even bought at a junkyard,

  14. Sadiq says

    Indus motors sold all of its imported prius cars , which they were unable to sell in market , to Motorway Police !! We can well imagine it was done by paying commissions to decision makers , as 2 corolla cars could have been bought for price of one prius for motorway police . You can see these cars on motorway

  15. Mirza Saboor Baig says

    Sorry to say brother, those prius are a gift from people of Japan, u can say from Japan government,
    The proof of which u can see on any of those prius trunk, its mentioned there.

    Please verify before you share.

  16. Guest says

    Toyota international will not bother. I once contacted them and that said India Motors is owner of Toyota in Pakistan. Toyota Japan is nothing to do with it as per contract. So they refused to entertain my complaint.

  17. Guest says

    Correction its Indus not India 🙂

  18. Guest says

    Saboor well pointed. Its a gift deal ad Toyota was unable to sell a single Prius.
    On other hand motorway police is very happy on fuel efficiency as mostly they drive below 40.
    They are planning to buy more hybrids

  19. Abid says

    Airbags ? What airbags ? Pakistan and airbags ? InshaAllah and tawaqqal everything will be fine – bags or no bags. Why worry about or claim for something we don’t have in the Pakistani assembled crap cars – which are best tin cans on 4 unstable wheels. Happy motoring !! Welcome to Pakistan VW and Audi

  20. Salman says

    Toyota Indus initially kept the price at 4.5 Million. However out of a batch of 100 cars they were unable to sell even a single piece, although these were upgraded models with HID and Head Up Displays (HUD). Then the dropped the price to 3.5 Million. Even then no one bought as the used ones were available for 2 Million. SO they made it compulsory for the Toyota Dealers to buy at least few units per dealer. That’s how they were able to get rid of 100 brand new Prius’ 🙂

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