Two men arrested for stealing 2000 bikes in Karachi

Stealing 2000 motorcycles is no joke. Hardly, a few thieves can ever pull off such a big robbery. But what do you get when you are successfully stealing a whopping 2000 motorcycles but, then get caught? You get jail time of 25 years. This Saturday, the Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) was successful to arrest Sabir Khokhar and Mohammad Ashraf Khokhar. Both were the professional bike lifters and had stolen over 2000 motorcycles in Karachi.

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These professional criminals were arrested from Korangi Area, and investigation revealed that both the criminals were involved in this illegal business for over 25 years now. At the time of arrest, the motorcycle from them was seized. But the question is, how did they manage to commit robberies of over 2000 motorbikes on which ACLC revealed some shocking facts that, both of these robbers had contacts with the leaders of an inter-provincial gang, Zafar Brohi and Ataullah Brohi, who operated from Khuzdar in Balochistan. The accused had admitted stealing a total of 1500-2000 bikes from different areas of Karachi, which is probably an understated figure given by the criminals. Further, they told that the female members were also involved in the group to help aid the snatching process. While the detailed investigation is still going on, but both the criminals also claim to have received 5000 per each successful bike robbery.

We advise our readers to be very vigilant while riding and avoid going out in odd hours of the day and taking suspicious routes to minimize such cases of theft.

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