Uber held safety workshop for drivers in collaboration with ITP

Uber has partnered with ITP to conduct a safety workshop for all Uber drivers. A session was held in collaboration with Islamabad Traffic Police for the safety and awareness of the drivers on the roads the capital. The key focus of the session was “Importance of Safety on Roads“.

It was more like a safety awareness campaign where ITP gave useful tips on how to handle different situations and informed them of the local traffic laws and some tips to ensure safety while on the road.


IG Islamabad, Dr Sultan Azam Temuri spoke some words about the workshop;

It is a great initiative by Uber to hold these sessions as it is important to know the traffic laws and how to be safe on the road and avoid accidents and mishaps. Uber’s efforts to educate and create an awareness about this is highly appreciated.

Aemad Mehdi, Head of Operations – Uber Pakistan also said some words:

Safety remains a priority for Uber, we are continuously looking for ways to improve it. Based on the feedback and information from our drivers, law enforcement department and subject matter experts, we developed the tips, which we shared with the drivers. We are committed to ensuring Uber is the safest way to get around a city for our drivers and riders, both.

Here are some of the highlighted safety tips by ITP for Uber drivers:

  • Obey all laws and drive within the speed limit to ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists around you.
  • Avoid using a cell phone while driving and always wear your seatbelt
  • Drop passengers in legal parking areas and avoid stopping cars on tight roads where you may block the road
  • Always care for other motorists and treat each other with respect.
  • In case of an accident or unwanted situation stay calm, keep your voice down, and call 15 if things heat up or start going out of control
  • Share your location with someone before leaving for a less populated or deserted destination.
  • Drivers were also educated about harassment laws and how to behave with passengers.

Uber plans to hold more workshops like these to educate their drivers and develop a solid and trusted relationship with Traffic Police and try to help the community as a whole.

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