Vehicles with Fake Number Plates to be Banned on Motorways

Although the Excise & Taxation Department of Punjab has already launched a heavy crackdown against fake number plates on vehicles across the province, the department has recently requested National Highway Authority of Pakistan to not allow any vehicles with fake number plates to drive through the motorways.

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This is a clear warning for all who have not taken the excise department’s orders seriously. According to sources, March 20th 2017 has been announced as the last day to allow vehicles with fake number plates on motorways, after which, only vehicles with original computerized number plates will be allowed on motorways across Punjab.


Fazal Gilani

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  1. Govt. should have first centralized Vehicle Registration procedure all over Punjab atleast and then they should have tried to implement this law. Those who have 2006 or older models of cars. living in cities different from place of registration, its quite troublesome for them to leave the offices and go on to those cities. For example, if person living in lahore and having a car of bahawalpur registration. He has to go first to bahawalpur to even apply for those NUMBER PLATES. I mean Yaar they could have just made Vehicle Number Plates issuance easy so majority would have done it by now.
    But no Yet again its Mr. Showbaz Shareef who came up with the legendary idea of this crackdown.

  2. The whole world follows standard license plates. I fail to understand why we as a nation have to object on anything that is implemented as a law.

  3. It's a silly order. I use plates using same font, size and colour as original plates. Didn't install issued plates because of following:
    - Plates were already rusting when I got them from Islamabad Excise.
    - Theft of original plates is common. Who will ensure my car value remains same even if duplicate plates are issued in case of theft? No one.
    - In case of fender bender damage of original plates who will bear the loss? Me

    So if the authorities can ensure the above then I have no problem installing original plates on my car.

  4. I have absolutely no problem fixing official plates on my car. In fact I am happy to see cars with legally abiding plates. But unfortunately once theft or damage occurs, the law does not protect the affected party. Plates can definitely be straightened, painted, duplicates issued etc. But we live in a poor country where money is short. I cannot bear a loss as easily as someone living in Europe, North America or other developed areas. Saudi Arabia contracted a German firm for manufacturing and issuing plates and they have done a great job. UK permits everyone to make own plates as long as they abide by the rules. China installs anti theft bolts and seals on every numberplate. What do we do?

  5. where are you located? the number plates theft is not as much as you are stating.

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