During the past 4 months, this is the 4th time, a/c gas of my Honda City 2005 leaked. The first & 2nd time I went to Honda Pitstop Main Blvd DHA and they refilled the gas and serviced the A/c. On first visit, they told me the condensor pipe was leaking which was repaired. Second Time, it was an electronic device near the battery which was replaced and A/c gas refilled. Then last month, the gas again leaked. I was in Isloo and went to a Rwp mechanic a friend referred. The guy thoroughly checked all the piping, compressor and condensor for any leaks...but couldn't locate any leak. Gas refilled again. But yesterday the car a/c died again. So far I have spent a small fortune on the A/c yet it still won't work.

Plz suggest me a very good mechanic in Lahore who can thoroughly check the a/c in Lahore. I'd request to give me an idea abt his location and/or Ph no. as I'm not very familiar with Lahore. Do the A/c mechanics give any warranty? I appreciate your help.