hey i have this 95 like 93 japanese civic with a sunroof with me which i just bought. and i live is LAHORE.
now i have to improve its appearence hardcore style
i need some stuff and i want u guys to tell me where to get them and for how much!
1. i need the body kit, i need the best of the best quality, whose finishing should like as good as factory made bumpers. where to get it? cost?
2. i need 16-17 inch BBS, ENKIE, MOMO or Jackson's rims, like i m looking for branded ones, where to get them? cost?
3. i need a carbon fibre hood as well as a carbon fibre rear spoiler? where to get and for how much?
4. i need recaro or sparco seats? which ones are better and for how much both of them?
5. i need the nicest projector head lights, not the ones we get for 10-12k, their light isnt good enough.
6. where to get a new branded dashboard? which brands are making civic 95 dashboards? i head jackson racing is, but where to get it?
7. need guages for oil pressure, water temp and fuel and rpm
8. where to get new door inner panels? i m looking to get them made in carbon fiber and molded and painted. should look cool! what do u say?

kindly give me all the info, contribute massively towards this thread and u wont be helping me alone but all the new car makers out there.

and whose better? MAX POWER? PRINCE? or MOTORSPORTS at qadafi? i heared somone like RAJU DENTER too lol.