Hey guys,

Sallam to all,

I recently bought a 2001 civic vti oriel. It is in good overall condition but it needs some work too including interior detailing, infotainment and some suspension work too.

I am going to start with the infotainment tommorow and get the suspension checked from some alignment guys and get the feel of it next couple of days before i give it in to a mechanic. I am a rather newbie as far as maintaining cars is concerned. Help me out.

Which system should I get.. The guy earlier had a fancy system installed. A big amplifier (Ill get the pick in soon) hooked to a chinese lcd dvd system with rear camera ( I dont really like the thing), and four speakers in the rear. The system makes strange noises of static etc when the cables of the amp are connected. I also think one or more speakers is blown(?)

I would like to stay in the budget/good value category..

I live in Islamabad. Please suggest a reliable audio dealer, a thread or any other suggestions welcome.

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