Admin: Please make it sticky

Dear Turbo Walas . I shall be getting my Turbo in couple of weeks IA thus reviewing lots of tech sites as how to optimally take care of Turbos in family sedans, Three things are a must in that regard:

1. Let the car reach full temperature before hitting the road , If you cant wait for few minutes then first few minutes must be at very low revs until the car reaches its max temp

2. Likewise last few minutes of the drive must be like an old lady , if you cant then let the car idle for couple of minutes in the parking before you switch off , this would let the oil go out of the turbine otherwise if you just switch off after a harsh drive , oil shall stay inside the turbo and burn there , damaging the turbine hence a big NO NO

3. Use full synthetic oil for the engine

Please feel free to add more Do's and Dont's appropriately...