AoA all,

I am new to PW. I found this forum when looking for feedback on RP storm 125.I have absolutely loved this bike for the last 2-3 years and always wanted to own one. I am about to buy a RP storm from AL-HAQ autos in RWP .I have only driven a pridor and a CD -70 before. I have been fighting tooth and nail against everyone in my family,they are absolutely against RP and keep reminding me that after sales service is almost non existent in Islamabad. My heart is set on RP so can you please help me out:

=> Is there a good mechanic in the RWP-IBD area for bike tuning/maintenance for Ravi or should I go to their authorized servicemen.

=> I am going tomorrow to buy my storm 125 , since I am a novice what would you suggest to look out for in a new bike.

Thank you for reading and please comment.