Changan Shahanshah 2021 Price in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

( 1st Generation )

Changan Shahanshah Overview

The 2013 Changan Shahanshah was introduced in 2013. The Changan Shahanshah is one of the bestselling trucks in China.


The exterior of 2013 Changan Shahanshah features a fairly boxy but typical mini pickup truck design. The flat front end houses trapezium shaped headlights, a rectangular grille and an outward sticking bumper. The rear end houses rectangular taillights.


The interior of the 2013 Shahanshah compromises of beige plastic trim pieces. The seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include air conditioning and a stereo speaker audio system.


1.0 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4
1.5 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4
2.0 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4

5-Speed Manual


100 Liter Tank
1000KM Range


1.0 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 [email protected]
1.5 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 [email protected]
2.0 Liter SOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 [email protected]

Pros & Cons

Less costly
Cheap maintenance

Lacks basic features


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