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Buy Car Top Covers Online

On several occasions, you have no other option but to park your car out in the open. In times like these, most people prefer to park their cars under trees if no other shade is available. Other times, you just have to park your car by the roadside under the open sky. 

This makes your car vulnerable to strong sunlight, harsh weather, bird droppings, tree sap, and scratches, etc. all these factors can make your car paint corrode and can make your car appear worn out and old. It also affects the shine of your car and the life of its paint. On top of that, extreme weather can also affect the inner temperature of your car. Strong sunlight can warm up the car’s interior affecting the quality of the interior fabric and harsh rain can affect the car’s cleanliness and paint.

All of this can be avoided by simply covering your car with a top cover. Top covers are fabric covers that drape over the whole of your car and protect it against all external factors. 

Types of Car Top Covers

Car top covers are of different types based on their material. There are wool top covers, waterproof car covers, polymer carbon-coated car covers and several more. All of these car top covers are available on 

Here’s a list of popular car top covers available online in Pakistan:

Waterproof car covers

Car top covers with heat protection

Double stitched car covers

Parachute top covers

Weatherproof car top covers

PVC coating

Folding car cover


Best Quality Car Top Covers for All Cars

The best quality top covers are available here for all cars. Whether it is a Kia Sportage, Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Corolla or Daihatsu Mira, our website has a car cover for every car! PakWheels lets you know the exact size, shape, and quality of top car covers. This makes it easier for new customers to buy the right product. We believe in a convenient online shopping experience for our auto enthusiasts because buying and selling car parts and accessories can be really tricky. Each item on our site comes with product descriptions to make the experience easier.

For instance, if you’re buying car top covers, we tell you about its quality with features. Weather resistant car covers are thus among our top sellers. If you buy now, you might be able to get discount offers on these items.

Car Covers for sale in Pakistan

There are currently 1,340 Car Top Covers available for sale on Pakwheels AutoStore. These Car Top Covers on Pakwheels Autostore are available at different prices and from different Brands. We have a large network of trusted and reliable parts sellers from all over Pakistan with the best variety of genuine Car Top Covers for cars.

Best Car Top Covers in Pakistan

Pakwheels Autostore is your best choice in finding reliable Car Top Covers by Make Model of your Car online in Pakistan. 

Car Covers Price in Pakistan

Car Top Covers price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 630 to PKR 44,500.

Car Covers Price
Car Covers Price (Min) PKR 630
Car Covers Price (Max) PKR 44,500

Car Top Covers کی ویڈیوز

Car Top Covers For All Cars | Best Non Woven Car Top Cover

  • Car Top Covers For All Cars | Best Non Woven Car Top Cover

    Car Top Covers For All Cars | Best Non Woven Car Top Cover

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