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  • SONAX Foam Pad Hard 160 6Inch Red

    • Car Care
    • Microfiber Clothes
    3,550 روپے
  • KochChemie Microfiber Waffle Blue UNIT

    • Car Care
    • Microfiber Clothes
    5,200 روپے

Buy Microfiber Cloth for Cars

Microfiber cloths and towels come in handy whenever you need to clean the exterior of your car. It is very important to buy a good quality microfiber cloth so it can clean your car effectively without scratching the surface. Buy the top quality microfiber cloth for your car here.

Why use a microfiber cloth for car cleaning?

A microfiber cloth helps a great deal in keeping your car clean. Its “micro” fibres capture and clean the tiniest particles of dust and make your car squeaky clean. These microfiber towels are soft and gentle on your car’s surface and tidy it up without scratching the car’s surface. These clothes are also great at absorbing any and all kinds of fluids which makes them highly appropriate for drying your car after you have washed it. 

A microfiber cloth can be used for drying off the water after washing the car or to apply wax on your car. It is also helpful in cleaning any bird droppings or other fluids that have stained your car. 

Features of a Good Microfiber Towel for Car

A good quality microfiber cloth for car cleaning has the following features:

Highly Absorbent

Attracts Dirt

Capable of penetrating small spaces

Free of lint

Durable and strong


Light Weight

Resists Shrinking and Stretching

Wrinkle Free

Microfiber Towels for Sale in Pakistan?

There are several different types of microfiber towels such as standard weave, no pile, short pile, medium pile, long pile, waffle weave, micro-chenille, and foam-core microfiber pad. You can choose any of these as per your liking and convenience. Some of these are easy to use while others catch more dust but are difficult to clean.

Microfiber Clothes for sale in Pakistan

There are currently 269 Microfiber Clothes available for sale on Pakwheels AutoStore. These Microfiber Clothes on Pakwheels Autostore are available at different prices and from different Brands. We have a large network of trusted and reliable parts sellers from all over Pakistan with the best variety of genuine Microfiber Clothes for cars.

Best Microfiber Clothes in Pakistan

Pakwheels Autostore is your best choice in finding reliable Microfiber Clothes by Make Model of your Car online in Pakistan. Microfiber Clothes price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 150 to PKR 7,299.

Microfibre Cloth Price

Microfiber Clothes Price
Microfiber Clothes Price (Min) PKR 150
Microfiber Clothes Price (Max) PKR 7,299

Microfiber Clothes کی ویڈیوز

‏9 اِن 1 مائیکروفائبر کلیننگ کِٹ سیٹ

  • ‏9 اِن 1 مائیکروفائبر کلیننگ کِٹ سیٹ

    ‏9 اِن 1 مائیکروفائبر کلیننگ کِٹ سیٹ

  • Car Microfiber Cleaning Towels - Pack Of 10 | Large Microfiber Towels

    Car Microfiber Cleaning Towels - Pack Of 10 | Large Microfiber Towels

  • Premium Microfiber Plush Edge Towels Pack Of 3

    Premium Microfiber Plush Edge Towels Pack Of 3

  • ‏3 ڈبل سائیڈڈ پیلے رنگ کے مائیکروفائبر تولیے

    ‏3 ڈبل سائیڈڈ پیلے رنگ کے مائیکروفائبر تولیے

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