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  • Momo Steering Wheel For Honda - Yellow in Karachi

    • Interior
    • Steering Covers
    مفت ترسیل
    3,000 روپے
  • Universal Steering Wheel - Yellow in Karachi

    • Interior
    • Steering Covers
    مفت ترسیل
    3,000 روپے
    • Interior
    • Steering Covers
    مفت ترسیل
    مفت ترسیل

MOMO Products & Accessories in Pakistan

MOMO is an Italian performance parts manufacturer that is vastly popular among car enthusiasts all across the globe. The company was conceived in 1964 by the racecar driver Gianpiero Moretti when he hired a local engineer to work on a tailor made steering wheel for his own race car. The steering wheel was smaller in diameter and had a superb grip which made it tremendously easy for racers to maneuver their cars through sharp turns. Owing to this innovative technology, the company became a smash-hit and started making waves in the sports car industry. Today, MOMO prides in being the manufacturer of a wide variety of premium quality performance upgrades.

MOMO is a brand name recognized and regarded among car enthusiasts all over the world as one of the best performance parts manufacturers there are. However, with a relatively fresh awakening of the car culture here in Pakistan, brands such as MOMO are slowly but surely catching up.

List of MOMO accessories for Sale on PakWheels Website

Following is the list of MOMO accessories available for sale on

  • MOMO Steering Wheels
  • MOMO Steering Knob
  • MOMO Peddle Covers
  • MOMO Seat Belt Covers
  • MOMO Mobile Mat 

MOMO Accessories Prices

Following are the prices for MOMO accessories that are for sale on

Product Name & Description


MOMO Universal Power Steering Knob

PKR 550

MOMO Plain Steering Wheel

PKR 1800

MOMO Steering Wheel with Nuts

PKR 1900

MOMO Universal Peddle Covers

PKR 600

MOMO Non-Slip Mobile Mat

PKR 500

MOMO Universal Seat-Belt Covers

PKR 550

MOMO’s Specialty

MOMO Plain Steering Wheel:

MOMO’s journey to success began from the uniquely designed steering wheel that changed the motorsports landscape forever. Which is why this product can very well be considered the company’s specialty. This light wait, small diameter steering allows the driver to maneuver the car both on road and on track with the greatest of ease. Plus, the fine quality leather and a unique and rigid wheel design also provides a great look & feel.

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