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ایک گاڑی منتخب کریں یہ دیکھنے کے لیے کہ یہ پارٹس فٹ ہیں

    • Lights & Electrical
    • Navigation
    اپڈیٹ 10 دن قبل
  • 17,500 روپے

    Navigation Honda Vezel

    • Lights & Electrical
    • Navigation
    اپڈیٹ 11 دن قبل

Buy Car Navigation Systems Online in Pakistan

Navigation systems are one of the most important features in cars of today. This technology was first introduced by Toyota back in 1987. Being a first of its kind technology, the navigation system had a great number of limitations, namely, it was CD-ROM based, ran on dry-cell batteries and was very expensive to own and maintain. Today, the automotive manufacturers are in a race against each other, introducing groundbreaking technology one after the other, allowing the motorists to enjoy the spoils of war, spoils being the utmost driving convenience.

Although the Pakistani automotive industry is yet to reach such technological heights, the movement of a brave new change has already begun whereby various automotive manufacturers other car accessories companies are starting to offer navigation system options to the public.

Sat-Nav Systems & Infotainment Systems

Modern cars feature systems that combine both sat-nav and infotainment technology, making the driving experience for the motorists all the more convenient. A single screen can provide coordinates to the motorist to get from point A to B, activate the stereo, adjust the cabin climate & ambiance and many more functions of such nature.

Following is the list of a few navigation system parts currently listed for sale on Pakwheels:

  • NSZN-W65DB Boot SD Card
  • NMZP-W64D SD Card
  • Honda Civic EK9 Infotainment System
  • NSDN W60 Infotainment System Software
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus J100 Infotainment System
  • BMW 7 Series Infotainment System Display Unit

Buy Car Navigation Systems & Accessories Online:

PakWheels offers a number of car navigation and infotainment systems and parts. The aftermarket part are also easily configurable and easy to use, saving the motorists from the hassle of having to stop on the road side asking for directions, as well as catering to the need of entertainment, providing for an overall convenient and highly desirable driving experience.

Best Car نیویگیشن System in Pakistan

Pakwheels Autostore is your best choice in finding reliable نیویگیشن for your Car online in Pakistan. 

Car Navigation System Price in Pakistan

Car Naivgation System Price
Car Navigation System Price (Min) PKR 17,500
Car Navigation System (Max) PKR 48,000


Car نیویگیشن System price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 17,500 to PKR 48,000.

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